Dreamer’s World July 27 2015 - A Monday After the Storm

I'm actually starting this post before bed on Sunday night. Not because of anything earth-shattering, but just because I wanted to write for a few minutes as I prepare for bed. I'm sitting on the balcony, smoking a cigarette and paying attention to Stevie Nicks since she is out here with me. We won't let her out onto the balcony without either Hal or myself present because she has a habit of squeezing through the rails when looking at birds. We are on the 4th floor, but would rather not have to worry about her falling from here.

I actually went to bed around 2240 last night. I was accompanied by Stevie Nicks after we left the balcony. Hal was staying up late as he tends to do on Sunday, so I was fortunate to have Stevie Nicks licking my hand, purring and talking for a good long time before I finally fell asleep. Hal told me that she finally came out of the bedroom sometime close to midnight after I was already sound asleep.

The workday has started rather slowly. For a change, there was no digital mountain of email to climb this morning and that is very unusual for a Monday morning. I was able to schedule a meeting with one of the co-workers to plan ahead for some database modifications to be performed this week. I always prefer to have the plan of action written down because these thing never happen in a vacuum, and there are always interruptions and other tasking that pull us away from things so that we have to return to them and try to take up where we left off. It is always best to have the plan in writing so there is no confusion at that time. The meeting will take place before lunch today. After lunch, I have one conference call to attend and then 2 meetings with my supervisor later in the day before wrapping things up at 1730.

Hal is doing fine. As far as I know, he has not heard from the “friend” about their weekend plans. This is the “friend” who tried to drag Hal and myself into the middle of their own little intrigues without success. I don’t wish that person any ill will, and I hope that they had a good weekend without us. Life is far too short to be caught up in other people's’ nonsense. Friends are hard to find, and we always have to realize that they will not always be permanent. People do change at times, and we have to be prepared to either deal with or choose not to deal with, those changes depending on what they are.

I suppose that this case boils down to a few simple truths: This person in question has been constantly digging into information about Hal and myself. This goes beyond the level of friendly interest, especially when that same person remains ultra-closeted and silent about their own life. I have said before that Hal is much better equipped to deal with this person, they are the ones who talk to each other most of the time due to schedules. I honestly don’t have the patience to deal with shit like this, nor would I want to.

Hal and I have talked recently about the value of maintaining our relationship with this person. Where Hal is willing to give it more time, within reason, I am basically done with it altogether. I consider our lives to be much more important than the other person, and I have told Hal so. I don’t think that Hal is going to deal with this much longer, because when he does get frustrated and annoyed, it is a sign that a change is coming.

I made it through the morning and am preparing a microwave lunch as I get ready for the daily team meeting at 1230. Actually, the morning has been very productive for me. Sadly, the afternoon round of conference calls usually make me very sleepy. I will do my best to get some more things done between meetings until my workday ends at 1730. After that, we might make a quick grocery run, but i suspect that will be about it for the evening.

I am looking forward to the end of the day. I want to spend more time with Hal and the Stooges and be sure to catch up with everything that is important to us. Spending time with Hal is the most important thing to me. Working from home has given us much more time together, and reinforced our bonds to each other.

At times, it seems unbelievable that have been together for almost 16 years. It seems like yesterday when we first met, our time together has contained ups and downs, but we have overcome every obstacle that has fallen in our path and come through stronger than ever. We both have talked about meeting other couples, but only for friendship and social activity. It is rather difficult to find those people.

The afternoon is passing by, along with a thunderstorm. We aren’t supposed to get anything too severe so I am just enjoying the sound of rain as I look out the window. There is a large tree that obstructs the view, but it makes for a peaceful scene as the rain falls. As much as I enjoy a sunny day, there is something comforting about the sound of rain and thunder every once in a while. Perhaps it is the reminder that the grass and trees will be greener after the storm passes. Just like upsetting things in our lives, the storms always pass and leave us with the opportunity to grow from them.

I am looking forward to the evening here at home with Hal and the Stooges. A rainy night will be perfect since we have nowhere that we have to go. Dinner can be prepared from what we already have here with us and any other trips can wait until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Not long after that last paragraph, the storm did turn violent to the extent that I powered down yhe iMac and my work laptop. Luckily, it passed quickly but it does eliminate the prospect (for now) about spending that rainy night at home. Perhaps another storm is on the way. I am not checking the radar, I am in the mood for spontaneity today. Hal has suggested that we do make the trip for groceries since the weather has cleared up completely, so we will do that as soon as I am finished with work for the day.

Since the sun came back out immediately after the rain stopped. Hal and I did get our one trip in right after I finished work. Since then, we have had a nice relaxing evening, interrupted only by a phone call between Hal and his sister, which resulted in more than an hour as he was in the other room. Still, I am not complaining, it is good to be together when we can.

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