Dreamer's World July 22 2015

I'm running a bit late as I start today's blog entry. I am on my way back home after the weekly meeting with the client and a quick lunch with one of my co-workers. I'll continue my workday from home and get things caught up as I dial into the necessary conference calls.

The meeting was a success and I'm very happy about that. It has theme into a beautiful day here, even though I am stuck underground part of the time as I take Metro back home. I should make it in plenty of time for the 1230 conference call.

I did make it home just in time for the 1230 call. The bus ride from Metro to the nearest stop was rather long due to several handicapped customers who had to be picked up and dropped off along the way. Nothing to get upset about. I have changed clothes and am listening in to this conference call which is supposed to run until 1430 or so. Luckily, this is my early day, and I will be off work at 1530.

The only negative thing that has happened today was early this morning as I was preparing to leave the apartment for my meeting. A shirt that I really love shrunk. I don’t men around the gut, I mean that the sleeves are now too short. It is a shame because those shirts are unique in their design and stand out from other dress shirts in a crowd. Sadly, the quality is not good enough to withstand more than 1-2 washes before they start to shrink. I will not bu any more shirts from that company in the future. Luckily, Hal can wear them, so I gave them to him.

After work today, we are going to BJs to pick up a few items. This will include some chicken breasts that I can prepare here for meals. I have decided that chicken breasts will be the next thing that I cook once the roast is all gone. It is nearly quitting time now, and I am looking forward to the evening.

The evening has been quiet. We made a trip to the grocery store and then came back home because DMV drivers were proving, yet again, that they cannot drive even under the best of conditions. After an evening watching movies with Hal it is nearly bedtime here. Tomorrow is Friday Eve, and that means the weekend will soon be here.

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