Dreamer's World July 06 2015 - Rumblings Of Change

Another workweek has begun, along with another overcast, warm and sticky morning. It gives me time to review the weekend and the events that happened.
I think that the biggest international news is the Greek referendum in which the people told the banksters to GO FUCK THEMSELVES. I predicted that all the politicians and banksters were well insulated from the pain that austerity has inflicted on the Greek people. Just imagine having 86% of your savings and earning potential wiped out in order to fill the coffers of a few banksters. How would that sit with you?
I know that the Greek economy was far from perfect to start with, but the shock trauma caused by austerity has done nothing but made things worse for the everyday person in Greece. Blame the politicians and banksters who created this mess and let them clean it up like Iceland did.

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