Dreamer’s World July 18 2015 - Saturday

Writing is very important to me. I am glad that I have gotten back into the habit of writing every day. I felt empty without it, and nothing could fill the void until I started again. My lapse has taught me that I have to focus on writing every day, because the desire to do so alone isn’t always enough.

I find that there are multiple considerations about writing that I can address here

The technology:

I currently do a lot of my writing on the iMac, but when I am away from my desk I use my Chromebooks. I have 2 Chromebooks, an 11 and a 13 inch. Currently, I am writing on the 11 inch Chromebook.

I honestly have to admit that there are times

when I would have done almost anything to get my hands on a MacBook Air. Sadly, the price has always prevented me from obtaining one. Since I could not afford one, I resigned myself to using the Chromebook. I quickly found that the Chromebook meets all of my writing needs. I can use Evernote or Google Docs to write, and then retrieve the post from any other platform. In this regard, the Chromebook does very well. It gives me the freedom to be mobile without the worry of carrying around a very expensive piece of hardware with me and having to worry about theft or damage. I still have people with Macbooks and Macbook Air laptops come up to me and ask what this machine is that I am using. Normally, they are shocked that I have chosen to remain with this platform, but once I explain things to them, they seem to understand. Sometimes, I notice the smug or disapproving looks as they walk away, as if my using a Chromebook makes me less of an urban hipster, or perhaps they think that I am poor and cannot afford one of their upscale devices. The poor part has been very true, but now it is a matter of being frugal. After all, I have 2 Chromebooks and together they cost me less than the one device that they are using :P

The location:

Where to write is often a choice that causes distress. I work from home now, and I seldom feel like remaining at my desk to write for even one minute after I am done with the workday. Again, the Chromebook gives me the freedom to find another place to write from. My normal criteria for such a place involve NO TV and a comfortable place to sit and write. I reserve the right to play some music as I type, but nothing too loud to ruin the concentration. Right now I am listening to Beats1 as I type and enjoying an in depth program on the Black Eyed Peas. I am in awe of Will.I.Am because he has become such a musical force, not only with the BEP, but as a producer for other artists. I cannot think of anything better to keep my spirits up as I am writing.

Lighting is important as well. I dislike dark spaces and much prefer a room with lots of windows to write in. If I am writing at night, I prefer to have plenty of light around me as well. I seldom type outside at night because the Chromebook keyboard is not backlit, but it doesn’t really make me feel that I am missing anything. This morning is a good example, it is dark and cloudy but I still prefer blinds open on the windows to let in the natural light.

The motivation:

This is the most difficult part to writing. Everyone who has put pen to paper, or sat down and started to type can testify. There are times like now when the words seem to flow out so quickly that I struggle to keep up with them, yet there are other times when words simply fail to appear at all. When that second feeling hits me, I try to sit back and just relax. I don’t stress over this because I am not a professional writer who is paid to write, I do it for enjoyment. If the enjoyment is not felt, I have to take a break and wait for it to return to me, and no manner of self-induced stress will make that any easier. The end result is always worth the wait. When inspiration does strike me it is like an adrenaline rush, an incredible feeling that transcends words.

The morning is moving along at a wonderfully slow pace, and I am grateful for that. With the rain falling, it is a great day to stay here and spend time with the Stooges as I write and relax. I will make some chili for lunch in a few minutes and enjoy that as I wait for Hal to get home from his job.

Lunch was delicious, things are still very quiet around here, and I am fine. If Hal wants to get out later today after he gets home from work, we can do that. I will leave the decision up to him since he has been the one at work all day. I am truly undecided about whether or not I want to go out. I can think of places to go, but I am not sure I want to because I really don’t want to spend any money today if I can avoid it. I have made such wonderful progress financially, and I don’t want to mess things up again. There is really nothing that I need other than to spend the TIME with Hal and the Stooges when it comes down to the important things.

With Hal home, things are much better, the sun has come back out and it has warmed up to the point of being sticky and humid outside once again. So far there are no plans to go anywhere, but since Hal worked all day I'm not going to push on the issue. There is nothing I really need to do that can't wait until tomorrow when he is at work again. I just want to spend the time together while we have the chance, whether that is at home or somewhere else.

Dinner plans are up in the air for this evening. If I do go out at all, it will be to pick up a roast, Along with some potatoes and onions in order to start cooking it in the crockpot overnight. I do enjoy cooking and it has been awhile since I did. I might add a nice green pepper to the shopping list as well to spice up the roast.

As afternoon moved on, I know the signs to look for from Hal. If he goes to lie down, that basically means that he isn't wanting to go anywhere for the rest of the evening. If that is the case, I can the. Make the quick grocery run after all.

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