Dreamer's World July 31 2015

Friday at last! This morning I went to the doctor’s office to get blood drawn in advance of my quarterly physical, which is next Wednesday. I came home and immediately grabbed come caffeine and had some oatmeal and I am feeling much better now. Since the doctor’s office is nearby I was able to get back before 0900 and start work on-time this morning.

It promises to be a slow day at work. I have everything caught up and there is no tasking that has arrived in my inbox. I suspect that the presentation I was pressed into yesterday was considered more than enough for this week. Plus, the company employee self-assessments are due by COB today, and I am sure that a lot of people will spend today updating and submitting their evaluations at the last minute. I actually took care of mine yesterday to stay ahead of things. I only have 2 short meetings today that I have to participate in, so the rest of the time can be spent preparing for next week and the items that I already know will demand my attention.

After work, Hal and I will be getting out for a while to do something, just not sure what that will be just yet. Dinner is almost a certainty, along with wherever our adventure takes us. I will always vote for tech toys, but Hal might have other ideas.

One thing that I am doing today while I have a chance is looking for another doctor. I will go to my appointment next week, but this will be the LAST time. The office staff and the doctors routinely miss quarterly dosages with medication, and this always results in endless phone calls from the pharmacy to their office to try to get them to move on this. I am tired of the struggle and ready to move on to a new doctor. I hope to find one that is close to us, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I think I might have found an office to contact that is within walking distance, and I will call them this afternoon to ask a few questions to make sure that they are accepting new patients and also that I will not be assigned to a physician assistant that rotates every time I go in for a physical. I want a doctor that I will see each time, and one that will be there for a long time.

Hopefully, this afternoon will go slowly and I can talk to the doctor’s office that I mentioned above. Since this is a slow afternoon. I called the new doctor and scheduled an appointment. After that, I went to the old doctor and requested that my records be sent to the new doctor. I fully expect to have to go back next week and ride their asses about this. The new doctor’s office contacted the old one and also requested the records. I canceled my appointment with the old doctor and set an appointment with the new one for the same time next Wednesday. Of course, this means that I will contact the new office on Tuesday and make sure that the records have been received. If not, and I fully expect this, I will be back at the old doctor’s office to make a professionally staged scene!

I am glad that this much is behind me. Having the slow day today has allowed me to get this taken care of without any interruption. The fact that both doctor’s offices are within walking distance makes it even more convenient for me since I work from home. I feel so much better knowing that this crap is behind me now. I can concentrate on the evening ahead with Hal.

The workday ended without incident and we are ready to start the weekend. First off we will have dinner at a nearby Asian restaurant that we haven't visited yet. Supposedly, they offer a variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai foods. It is called "A Taste of Asia" and we are hoping it will be delicious. I am also going to locate exactly where my new doctor's office is, since it will be on the way. After that whatever happens is up to Hal. Dinner is my treat after his wonderful full-body massage from Hal last night. I feel so much better today as a result.

Dinner was awesome! We had Yakitori as an appetizer and then we both selected the Pad Thai with chicken. It was delicious, and the restaurant was spotless and almost everything there was brand new. A great place and we will definitely go back sometime soon. It makes us glad that we live where we do because there are so many nice places that are actually within walking distance.

We’re home for the evening now. Hal does have to work in the morning, so we won’t be up late. I wanted to take a few minutes to finish up this blog post and to wish everyone a great weekend.

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