Dreamer's World July 2 2015 - The Last Workday Before A Long Weekend

After the false reports of a shooting at the Washington Navy Yard earlier today, I can finally relax as I clean up the work items for this week and prepare for a long weekend. Hal informed me that friends will be here on Saturday, just not sure about the timing yet. We will make sure that everything is in order before they arrive, and if I have to do some cooking, I will take care of that beforehand.
The weather remains on the depressing side here, gloomy and almost raining. I thought that we might break out of this pattern by today, but now the latest forecast seems to indicate that it might last through the weekend. At least there will be a break from the routine. It is hard to believe that the 4th of July is already here, basically. This year seems to be flying past us at breakneck speed.
My weekly meeting went smoothly, I wrapped things up in less than 15 minutes. I see no point in wasting time at meetings just because a block of time was allotted. I had to have popcorn for lunch because I was so busy, but hopefully Hal and I will have a nice dinner this evening to make up for it.
Now I am waiting for the next meeting to begin that is NOT mine. It is scheduled to run for an hour and will probably go longer than that. After 45 minutes I am jut numb all over and wishing that this meeting would finally end. It is going to be difficult to demotivate myself after this knowing that the long weekend is almost here. I just stood up and did some stretching to loosen up my shoulders and beck in order to feel better and to stay awake. I have 1 more meeting with my supervisor, but those usually are more interactive and motivating for me.
Hal did tell me that he wants to go out after work, but he wouldn’t tell me where and said he prefers to “surprise me”. I am sure that whatever it is, that it will be a pleasant surprise.
The “surprise” was that Hal wanted to go to the Dollar Store LOL. It doesn’t matter to me, we are back home and I am wrapping up this blog for the evening. I hope that everyone will have a great Friday.

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