Dreamer's World July 30 2015

Thursday has arrived at last. It has been a busier morning than I anticipated, but in a good way. I was asked to co-host a presentation at the last minute and that added an additional layer of complication to things. I am glad to report that it went very smoothly. This afternoon I have the regular round of conference calls and I also have to complete my self-assessment for the reporting period that just ended. I am doing well and want it to reflect on my salary at the end of this year!

Thankfully, tomorrow will be Friday, and I am looking forward to the weekend. Hal has promised me a massage this evening, and I am looking forward to that. I will have to fast overnight and go to get blood drawn in the morning in preparation for my quarterly physical next Wednesday. I am almost certain that this will be the LAST time I visit this particular doctor’s office unless some changes are implemented. I am tired of them writing prescriptions that will not cover the length of time between visits. I then have to call and harass the office staff to get refills authorized, and this gets really old.

The second aspect that will probably lead me to switch doctors is the habit of having me see Physician Assistants. This means that I almost never see the same person for more than 1 visit. I am tired of this and want a regular doctor. I would gladly go to some of the people I have seen in the past, but I would have to track them down and see if they are still in the area with their own practices.

We have just had a bad thunderstorm roll through here. I made certain that the iMac was powered completely off, and I saved my work on the 2 company laptops just in case. I just powered up the Chromebook and started up where I left off with Google Docs on this blog entry. I really don’t predict doing that much more this afternoon because I already have gotten ahead on things here. It is more a matter of just waiting things out now. I am looking forward to my massage after work, and will probably take Hal to our favorite spot for dinner afterwards since we can easily walk there. I think that I am in a state of mind that is somewhat blah about work right now. I have not taken any time off this summer, I am waiting until Labor Day to take a week. I think that this waiting for time away is really starting to affect me. I find that I have to make extra efforts to get things done because the motivation is starting to lag. It seems like such a long way off until my week off work, but I will make it through until then one way or another.

At least the weekend will make me feel better about things. I am already looking forward to brunch Sunday, and perhaps Saturday as well. It gets me out of here for a while and doesn’t cost too much. The chicken and waffle that I had last Sunday has me wanting more. Especially after tonight when I have to fast before blood work in the morning. I will have a good dinner tonight whether it is out with Hal or something here at home. If nothing else, I can always have some oatmeal as a last resort.

After an evening of no food after 2000 and no drinks other than water, I am in a foul mood as I go to bed tonight. I will get my blood work done at 0830 tomorrow morning and then recover from this fasting.

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