Dreamer's World July 21 2015 - Sandra Bland

I finally looked at some online news this morning and I am saddened by the Sandra Bland tragedy in TexASS. This episode stinks, and we all know why. Yet another Black victim of police brutality. I hate to even say it that way, because we are becoming numb to it. Any time that something like this happens, we should ALL be OUTRAGED and be DEMANDING JUSTICE! And yet, this is just another hashtag on social media.

The scale of this national tragedy is shocking. The evidence is overwhelming against the police in almost every single one of these cases, and yet somehow, nothing ever gets done to correct these problems. We suffer from a sense of helplessness in situations like this. The trouble is that it does nothing to correct the problem.

The “media” are just as complicit in these cases as the police. They follow the familiar pattern that if something happens to a Black man or woman, then they MUST have deserved it for some unknown reason. It is obvious that the reason they “deserved it” is because they are Black, the racism is sickening. The same twisted logic goes to the epidemic of mass shootings. A White person who commits these crimes is always a “disturbed individual” where a Black person is a “thug”, a Muslim is a “terrorist”, etc.

Sandra Bland has been written off ny the media until actual people bring forth the TRUTH that the media cannot ignore. At that point, the media will mount their white horses and charge in like this is important to them NOW. Why wasn’t it important to them when it happened?

It is this lack of human empathy that is killing us. It is this lack of the appreciation of the value of each and every one of us that allows this hate to fester and poison our society

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