31 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 31 2015

     Starting Sunday feeling a bit under the weather here. I woke up with a nasty sore throat and immediately gargled with some strong salt water to try and eliminate whatever is irritating my throat. It seems to be working, but I know that the irritation will probably last all day, so I'll just have to deal with it. I strongly suspect that this has something to do with allergies that I suffer from each year. A good soaking rain should take care of it for a few days.
    Since Hal is at work, I will decide whether or not I want to venture out later. I am really not that excited about either choice at this point. As of 1300, I'm still at home and it is looking like I will be staying home for the rest of the day unless some overpowering urge hits me to go out. Lunch is still on standby until I make up my mind about this. 
     At least I have peace and quiet surrounding me today. As I get older, I prefer this much more often. I stayed home with the exception of going to the gym located in the apartment clubhouse for about 30 minutes this afternoon. I came back home and relaxed. Hal arrived late in the afternoon and while he was in the shower, The Stooges decided to perform again

I wish that I could really describe how much The Stooges mean to Hal and I. The pictures will have to suffice for now. Spartacus was on the windowsill and Stevie Nicks had taken up her new favorite spot in my briefcase as Maxwell just laid on the table and looked at them both. 
     Eventually, Stevia Nicks and Spartacus ended sharing the top of another chair. 

Evening has arrived, the Harry Potter movies have been playing in the background all afternoon. I never can see enough of these movies. I read the books prior to seeing the movies and I am such a huge fan of them. Hal is taking care of some paperwork before his eye exam tomorrow, I am taking the day off to get him there and back. I always make sure that I am available because that is what a family is all about.
    I am really enjoying writing this post. I never cease to be amazed at the pleasure that writing gives me, and yet I somehow manage to not find the time to enjoy it every day like I know I should. Perhaps today is another wake-up call for me to focus more on this each day.
    I hope to get a good night of sleep. My throat feels much better now, although it will be rather rough and irritated for another day or so. At least I will feel better when I take Hal to the doctor tomorrow.

30 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 30 2015 - The Advantage Of Having A Camera With Us At All Times

I will show my age with this post. I remember when a camera was not something that we always had with us on our phones. Of course we didn’t have cell phones either back then. When I grew up, a camera was something that was brought out on a special occasion, such as a birthday or a holiday. Today, everyone has a cell phone with a camera, and there is something to be said for the amount of really useless photos that people will take.
On the other hand, having a camera readily available does mean that some special moments are never lost. That was the case yesterday for me. After a day working from home, I was ready to relax and enjoy the afternoon. The only thing that I had to do was to put a few things into my briefcase so I wouldn’t forget where they were over the weekend. As I went to my briefcase, I found this:

Stevie Nicks had decided that my briefcase offered the purrfect spot to soak up the sun during the afternoon. She always has lived up to her namesake, bring the Diva that she is. At that point, I luckily remembered to grab the iPhone and start snapping pictures of her. This would not have been the case many years ago. There would have been the going to find the camera, hoping that there was film in it, and then returning only to find that Stevie Nicks had left her spot.
So, I am glad to have my camera with me at all times. I resist the urge to take a picture of everything in sight, there is something of the old school in me when it comes to that.
That picture was taken on Friday. Today, Stevie Nicks was posing once again.

And. once again, I am glad that I had the camera :)

29 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 29 2015

It is a beautiful Friday morning as I get the work day started. It is one of those Fridays which will see a long and graceful swan dive into the weekend. This will be a 3-day weekend once again, because I have to take Hal to his eye exam on Monday. It happens once a year and I don't mi d doing it at all, because it is what we do for those we care about.
As for the workday, it should be rather quiet. I will conduct my Data Qualify Roundtable meeting this morning and there is only one short conference call scheduled after that. I have no plans to take on any extra tasking today, for a change.
When it comes to a topic for today’s post. I am still searching for inspiration. Something will occur to me at some point today, but until then this remains a daily journal type of post.

28 May 2015

Dreamer’s world May 28 2015

There are morning that remind me of my childhood. these are mornings when things seem so wonderful, the weather is awesome and I find myself remembering days just like this when I was a small child. I can see myself in my hometown, I can hear the birds singing, I can see my friends as we all used to be.
Memories are a wonderful thing at times like this. They remind us where we have been, and serve as a reminder of where we are going. The motion is always forward, and it is best to not stop for too long to reminisce, but it is very nice when we do. I choose to cherish memories like the ones form this morning. They will give me an inner peace that I might otherwise have lacked.
My hometown is a long way away now. Life has taken me on a wonderful journey, and I have seen so many things that I would never have dreamed of as a child. I do not have any real ties that bind me to my hometown anymore. When my Mom died in 2001, that basically cut the cord for me. I have not been back since then. Memories like the ones I describe are how I choose to remember growing up. A time before the pressures of being an adult creeped into my life.
I don’t have anything against my hometown, it was a wonderful place to grow up. Leaving there was simply something that I felt had to be done. So many of the people I grew up with are still there, and they are happy. I just realized when I was a teenager that I had another calling. My parents encouraged me to not set limits and to not restrict myself to what my hometown had to offer. I cannot thank them enough for their wisdom and guidance.
As for family ties, that is a long and complicated story. Suffice to say that due to my Mom being an orphan, there was a really strange “family” arrangement as I grew up. My Mom found her blood siblings later in life and that would normally seem a wonderful thing. In her case, I saw more upset than joy as she tried to rebuild relationships that never really existed. This caused endless friction between my Dad, myself and Mom’s relatives, with a few notable exceptions. Dad saw the issues that Mom had as she tried to navigate between who she was and who she might have been. Mom was not unstable at all, she just regretted not having known her siblings growing up. That bothered her at times, and she never fully realized that some of her siblings were not the wonderful people she thought that they were.
Wow, that was a deep dive tangent! I suppose it had to be said for some reason. Serendipity always has a reason. The point is that I never developed a deep bond with any of Mom’s siblings, in fact, I steered clear of them as much as possible. There is no reason to go any deeper.
I wonder why the memories always seem to trigger other things? I don’t have the answer to that one. Thinking about things like this does not take away from the wonderful memories that I mentioned in the beginning, I suppose in a way that it is just a way of expounding upon them. To shut them off is to deny oneself what could be a valuable insight, so I always follow through.
Back to the story, I left my hometown in 1983 and basically never looked back. I visited there while Mom was still alive, but found that once she passed away, there was basically no incentive to take me back there again. I suppose that my extended absence has triggered the memories this morning. I will enjoy the rest of my day, as well as the memories.

27 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 27 2015

Today turned out much busier than I anticipated. Lots of ideas for posts that will have to wait for tomorrow.

26 May 2015

Dreamer's World -Never Give In To Despair, Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep moving forward. Sometimes it seems that the weight we carry with us from our past will slow us down to the point that we cannot move forward. Sometimes it feels like the only real choice we have is to just stop and give up. Never let those feelings overwhelm you! Never let those feelings prevent you from finding happiness.
I spent far too long jousting with those windmills in the hope of vanquishing the memories and things that I refused to let go of that served no other purpose than to keep me unhappy. The issues and circumstances might be unique, but the problem wasn't. I came to realize that I could never overcome the past, the only solution was to let the weight drop from my shoulders and move forward. I didn't need "god" to help me through this, I did it myself. It wasn't easy, but few worthwhile things ever are.
Once I began to leave the past, and the accompanying emotional baggage behind, did I truly begin to live again. I decided that I would define myself by what I did from that point forward, and never look back again. Of course this is impossible to accomplish with 100% success, but I consciously stopped myself whenever I felt the old issues and doubts try to work their way back into my mind. I got better at it as time went by until it became second nature to me.
I met the person of my dreams almost 15 and 1/2 years ago and we have been together ever since. If I had not managed to get the demons exercised I doubt that we would have lasted 3 months! Never let people allow you to dwell on the very things that are holding you back. If those people are directly connected to the issues that are troubling you, seriously consider breaking away from them altogether. Whether consciously or not, they become enablers of what you are trying to escape from. The most important thing in your life is what you do next, and that lesson repeats itself every day. If someone is not willing to break with your past and help you to move forward, your answer should be clear.
Once you break the chains and move forward, you will find that life is full of possibilities once again. Your freedom to make decisions without crushing doubts will be amazing. I don't expect that you will repeat your earlier mistakes. I know that I haven't, but recognition of that is a far cry from being a prisoner of your past.
Some of you will choose to forgive those who caused you pain (I haven't) and some of you will choose to ask forgiveness to those you have hurt (I have). That is a personal choice we each have to make. Just remember that you are the most important part of your world, and that only you have the power to keep moving forward!

25 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 25 2015 - Happy Towel Day

Lest we forget due to Memorial Day, there is another holiday that falls on this day. It is a celebration of the life and works of a spectacular human being who has brought endless hours of laughter and enjoyment to generations of science fiction fans around the world.
Douglas Adams is no longer with us, he left us far too soon. But his books live on and provide new joy to each reader, with new and old, every day. On Douglas” birthday, we all take the time to proudly show our towels as he hitchhike through this strange galaxy we call Life.

Dreamer’s World Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day is here and I am thankful to have served in the United States Navy as one of the chapters in my life. It gave me an opportunity to see the world that I would otherwise have missed. It provided me with stories and memories that I'll never forget, both good and bad. I met people that I am friends with to this day, and others who I never want to see again.
Being in the Navy is different than serving on the ground over the last 70 years. No nation has had the ability to challenge the U.S. Navy at sea since then and actually done so. I was fortunate enough to have served for 10 years without any major conflicts from 1990 until 2000. This means that my focus on this day remains on those who have given their lives to defend this country for over 225 years, rather than on myself.

I like to think that during my time in the Navy that I helped to do what the military is designed primarily to do, and that is to maintain peace. The old saying goes that the military is usually the last group that wants a war for "patriotic" reasons because we were always reminded of the cost of wars fought for any reason. We had voluntarily suspended our right to protest any policies that rehired our services directly, and were simply expected to respond if the nation needed us. Again, this is vastly different from times in the past when the military was called upon in times of national crises or war.
My view regarding war has never changed. It should always be a last resort. War demonstrates a failure of other means to maintain peace. War should NEVER be anything but the last resort. I left the Navy due to family reasons in 2000, so I watched the events of 9/11 as a civilian. The mood of the country changed. War became a primary instrument of foreign policy almost overnight, and patriotism became a catchphrase rather than something that came from within. I never agreed with any military goals other than the apprehension of those responsible for the atrocities of 9/11, what happened instead was a calamity that we are still struggling with.
Having said that, I have never questioned the pride or professionalism of our armed forces. War is still war, and those who have fallen are the same as their predecessors. They deserve our thanks just as much as any who have ever taken up arms for this country. It remains an honor to serve in the military because it does represent a cross-section of our society. I met people from all over this country during my time in the Navy and I am proud to have served with them.

Today we honor those who have served, and we remember those who served to the ultimate degree. Whatever our differences are, they serve and have served to protect those differences, let us never forget that. I also propose that we remember that our military is not the primary instrument of our nation’s foreign policy, and that we work as a nation to reign in the politicians who would rather send the military than to do their own jobs first. I say this having served.

Another part of this day that we should never forget is the families of those who have served. Theirs is a different type of struggle. Military families are a strong breed by necessity. I know of many families that could not cope with the separations or the stress. Those who were fortunate enough to do so should be honored just as much as their service members. The military does instill certain values into it’s members, 90% of these are good, but there are far too many of my Brothers and Sisters who find that life after the military can be difficult to cope with. The best way to describe it is the lack of a constant pressure on oneself. The pressure is intense, but it is a constant background noise while serving. After leaving the military that kind of pressure goes away abruptly, and many of my Brothers and Sisters feel the lack of it keenly. What those on the outside simply believer should be a relief is never felt as such by far too many.

So, as you remember those who have served on this day, try to see past the obligatory flags and parades and speeches, If you see or know a veteran, just say “Thank You” and you will see the gratitude of everyone who has served in their eyes.

24 May 2015

Dreamer’s World May 24 2015 - Another Beautiful Day

I am getting my day started here by experimenting with some apps that might make it easier to post my blog to various platforms from Evernote without all the tedious cut-and-paste efforts that frustrate me on a regular basis. Today I am trying the app called Blogo for iMac. I hope that this will work out, although it isn’t available for iPod or iPad, i hope that since it syncs with Evernote that it will meet my needs.
I have been looking for the Rosetta type of app for some time now. I find it frustrating to simply post a link to Evernote as the blog entry in either Wordpress or Blogger, which are the two formats in which I publish this blog. I will give this a shot today and see how well it works for me and report back at the end of today, and over the next several days. In the meantime, I will continue my day here. I am still debating about going out, but I have not made up my mind about what I will do. Part of me wants to go and look at tech toys. This is a passion of mine. Another part wants to go to Old Town Alexandria and just walk around. This is appealing, but I have some misgivings about it because of the crowds that will be there, and I would much rather go with Hal sometime than go solo,especially since I detest eating out by myself. I strongly suspect that tech toys will win in the end, although there is nothing that I really need right now, and really nothing that I can justify spending the money on! It won’t hurt me to look around at any rate. Eventually, I will make my mind up about what I am going to do. Until then, I can write and spend time with The Stooges around the apartment without spending any money.
After a bit of internal debate, I decided that I would compromise so I went out for lunch, brought it back home and am now feeling rather sleepy. Hal should be home in a few hours and we'll have tomorrow and Tuesday together. I think this is the best course of action for me right now. I might end up taking a nap on the couch and then returning to this blog post later. Hal has showered and I think that he wants to stay home this evening. Not a surprise at all, and no reason to make anything of it. I can continue to write, spend time with Hal and The Stooges. Tomorrow will offer a chance to have an adventure together, and that is the important thing. Since Hal has settled down for the evening, I'm giving him his space because he wants to watch TV shows that make me want to vomit. Think talk shows and you'll get the idea. Anyway, in addition to writing I am also catching up on some reading with my Kindle Paperwhite. I've had this for a few years and I have never really been tempted to upgrade to the newer Kindle models. The Paperwhite still works just fine for me and the battery lasts forever. What more could I ask for? Currently, I am reading the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett from the beginning. I was so sad to hear that he passed away recently and I remember laughing out loud when I read the books years ago. The Kindle gives me the ability to have all of his books without the clutter problem of traditional books. This will help me to pass the time until Game Of Thrones at 2100 tonight. I have not had dinner yet, I plan to have a salmon patty with sides later this evening/ I have enjoyed these, and Hal has as well. I don’t want to make them again right away in order to avoid getting bored with them too quickly. Tomorrow I will begin planning for the next items I will be cooking in the kitchen. I have not decided exactly what that will be just yet, but definitely not fish of any sort.Perhaps I will make some Skyline Chili with the seasoning packets that I already have here. All that I would have to buy is the ground beef and make certain that I also have tomato paste before starting the chili. I can do that this evening so I will know if there is anything that I have to get other than the ground beef at the store tomorrow. Back to another subject I touched on earlier in this post. I have been updating this blog post with Evernote throughout the day. When I am finished, I will attempt to post it using Blogo and see how that works out for me. The lack of Blogo for any platform other than the iMac isn’t that much of a problem if it plays nice with Evernote. If this is successful, I can see paying for Blogo at the end of the trial period. I almost never am going an entire day without having access to the iMac so I can use Blogo to post from anyway.

Dreamer’s World May 24 2015

Sunday again and I am still trying different applications to get this blog posted to different platforms without a lot of hassle and cut and paste issues. Today I am trying Blogo as a free trial and will see how well this works for me.

23 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 23 2015


     I slept in this morning. By the time I awoke, Hal had already left for work. I don't have any idea what I will do today other than a trip to the grocery store for a few necessities sometime this morning. Since this is the first day of my 4-day weekend, I suppose that getting some rest should be high on my list of priorities. I neglected to get cucumber to have with the salmon patties I made yesterday and I need to get some Diet Dr. Pepper while I am out. I want to make the trip before everyone else invades the stores to get their own holiday supplies.
Until Hal gets home from work, there is nothing on my agenda after the grocery run. I will make myself happy around the apartment as I enjoy the time off. I am certain that The Stooges will occupy most of my time until the late afternoon. While there is s small chance that Hal and I will go out later, I don’t suspect that it is a realistic possibility. We need to spend the time together anyway. 
     I have been to the store and back by 1030. It feels good to have everything taken care of for the day already. I decided a while later to take a nice walk and covered 3 miles before I realized it. I feel much better and slightly more tan after that 😃
     This is an absolutely beautiful day, perfect and ripe with possibilities. There is nothing better than just cranking up some tunes on a day like this.
I am so glad that I read these posts one last time before I submit them. Occasionally, I get carried away and type things that I know I will regret. Fortunately, I catch most of them during the read-through. As the evening sets in, I am at home and ready to relax. Tomorrow is another day, with all the promise that holds for me. In the meantime, I will enjoy how lucky Hal and I are right now.


22 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 22 2015

     Friday at last! The best part is that this Friday marks the start of the Memorial Day weekend, and that will run through Tuesday for me. Unlike many people, I usually take the Tuesday after a 3-day weekend off rather than the Friday like today. I already know that most of the people I work with are taking all or part of today. I also know that this means I can concentrate on catching things up at work and not be hassled with lots of meetings. That is the reason I usually work on the Friday leading into a 3-day weekend and take my revenge on the following Tuesday!
     Of course, this weekend marks the traditional start of Summer, although that is still a month away on the calendar. The weather has turned glorious today and I am looking forward to this afternoon. Of course there are always little things that can get in the way of potential plans, I just ignore them unless they are an emergency and let them fester. I have earned this upcoming time off and I plan to enjoy it as much as I can. The snotty remarks that people sometimes make aren’t bothering me at all. Let them panic at the thought of not working on Monday wreck their miserable little lives, right now I truly don’t care.
     At least I am working from home, I am with Hal and The Stooges, the sun is out, the weather is warming up, and it is FRIDAY! I am ready for the meeting at 1030 which should be a short one and I am also watching the increased traffic volume outside the window as people struggle to get away from DC for the weekend. I hope they have a great time on the congested roads.
     I made it through the morning and conducted my meeting. Amazing how many people announce at the end of the meeting that they are now out for the rest of the day. I predict a very slow rest of the workday until 1530, and I will do nothing to upset that plan.
     I took some of my lunch time to cook salmon patties. I havent had one yet, but Hal announced that they are delicious, and that makes my day! I still want to get out after work, but will check and see what Hal wants to do once 1530 rolls around. While Hal wants to stay home, I want to get out and do something. Perhaps I will go out solo in a little while. Although Hal has to work tomorrow, I am now officially into my holiday weekend and want to enjoy it as much as I can.
     Immediately after work, I finally tried one of the salmon patties. To set some background, my Mom used to make these when I was growing up. I have tried throughout my adult life to get her recipe to come out right, but something always goes wrong. Today, I finally tasted something that I have missed for so many years, the salmon patties are delicious! The onion and green pepper bits worked perfectly by cooking them into the patties. They came out not too dry and long with a slice of onion and some green beans, I felt like I was a kid again.
     I wonder if there was some type of mental barrier that I broke through today with this cooking effort. It certainly feels like I accomplished something much greater than simply making salmon patties. At any rate, I am still here and probably will be for the evening unless I decide to break away and go out for a little while. It remains to be seen.
     After a little convincing Hal eventually agreed to go out for a while earlier this evening. After a trip to Best Buy. I surprised him by stopping at Dairy Queen, where we have not gone in a year. It was wonderful to spend the time together away from the apartment, and he enjoyed himself tremendously. Since neither of us is really into nightlife, we came back home and paid attention to The Stooges until it was time for Hal to go to bed since he has to work in the morning.
     All things considered, this has been a great day and a wonderful start to the long holiday weekend.

19 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 19 2015


17 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 17 2015

     Sunday is off to a thrilling start. I slept very well last night and I am starting the laundry as I also get Hal ready for work. I am venturing out later to get some things done as well, but that won't be for another 2 hours or so. The weather seems to promise more rain today, but I'll manage to deal with it. 
     I'm glad to report that the nausea seems to have vanished. This is great news for me, because I didn't want to deal with that again today. I hate when things like that happen on the weekend, but at least I have Hal and The Stooges to spend time with. 
     Stevie Nicks has her usual place on my lap this morning as I type. Here she is caught on camera looking over at Hal as he eats his breakfast before heading to work.      
     I thought about going out for lunch/brunch today. Sadly, there is nothing remotely affordable around here. I won't pay $20+ for any meal that doesn't include a large steak or a large salmon fillet! I decided to stay home and make my own lunch instead. I am just as satisfied and that meal was already paid for. I'm t doesn't help that I really dislike going out to eat by myself. 
     Now I can decide if there is any reason I should go out at all this afternoon, or whether I should just stay at home? There is nothing that I really need right now. Things that I could justify spending money on can just as easily wait until after payday. The key to saving money is having the discipline to not spend on impulse. 
    All of that is well and good, but it does leave me here at home without much to do. I take the time like this to write and listen to music, and have fun with The Stooges. It does seem to be repetitive, but it keeps me happy. I think that I prefer the routine with an occasional spontaneous outburst now anyway. Probably just a sign of getting older and settling down more.

16 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 16 2015

    Another weekend is here! It promises to be a relatively quiet weekend since I woke up this morning not feeling 100%, but I will make the best of it anyway. Plans for day trips are canceled since I don't want to feel worse while away from home. There is nothing that really had to be done anyway. At least I won't be spending any money today. Payday is not until next Friday and it is best that I save as much as possible between now and then anyway.
    At least I still have my writing to keep my mind occupied and myself out of trouble. On a warm Spring Saturday, what more could I really ask for? I am taking the time this morning to get all my gizmos charged up for a change. The recent switch to the iPhone has kept me away from the Chromebook for a while, but I have no plans to do away with this little monster. It still works perfectly, and provided I take my pics on the iPhone and then save them to Evernote on there, they will be in place as I work on this blog post. I have been checking out prices on MacBook Air laptops, but what is the point? This Chromebook does everything that I need for a lot less money. If I were to take a MacBook Air out with me and drop it, or have it stolen, I would be mad as hell and also very disappointed at the money that I had just lost. If the Chromebook gets dropped and damaged or stolen, it can be replaced for less than $300!
    As usual, I am here with the TV turned OFF. I just find little to no joy in watching it anymore. I prefer to read, or listen to music as I write, and even if I were not writing, the TV would still be OFF as long as I am the only person here. The Stooges are all asleep in various rooms, and the lack of noise makes it easier for them to sleep as well.
    Back to how I am feeling. I wonder if I am coming down with the bug that has been going around recently. I have had some mild nausea yesterday and today. Nothing alarming, but definitely makes me uncomfortable. I am drinking lots of water in hopes of flushing whatever it is out of my system. I hope that this works. I really dislike this in-between feeling and want to get rid of it soon. Another complication of feeling bad is having to monitor my BG more often until I feel better. Feeling under the weather usually makes my BG run high, and today is no exception. I am adjusting my medications to compensate and will monitor each  hour until it gets back to normal. This is something that I have to do whenever I feel under the weather, so it is no big deal anymore. Just something that has to be done. This means a very lite lunch for me as I work to get the BG back to normal range. I think that seasonal allergies might have a lot to do with this as well, but I have to endure.
    In the meantime, I will enjoy the nice weather from the balcony while Hal is at work. He should be back sometime early this afternoon, unless he works an extra hour or so. I think that he might have told me something about that earlier this week when his job called him. Not going out means that I will be here when he returns. I doubt that we go anywhere this afternoon/evening.
    After a nap. it is 1430 and the day remains quiet. Hal is not home yet, so I guess I was right that he is working an extra hour today. I am feeling better now, and I will check the BG in a few minutes. Until then, I can enjoy the silence for a while longer with The Stooges. I hope that the worst of the nausea is over with for good, and that I can enjoy the evening and tomorrow without that awful feeling hanging over me.
    The rest of the afternoon turned into a series of naps, which I must have needed to get over this nausea. Obviously, I stayed home this evening. I will see what tomorrow has in store, and hope that I get a good night of sleep.

15 May 2015

Dreamer's World - To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

     As the weekend arrives, a sense of tiredness has crept over me. All the grand plans I was making seem distant now, crowded out by an overwhelming desire to just curl up and go to sleep for a few hours. I probably should listen to this inner voice and just go to bed. Sleep won't hurt me after all, but in a weird way I feel let down. I wanted to just get out and enjoy this beautiful afternoon rather than sleep. 
     There is something to be said for sleep. I gave into the desire to go to bed and after 2 hours, I feel better and ready to enjoy the evening.

14 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 14 2015 - InfoPorn

The train derailment in Philadelphia remains the only story that the so called media is reporting on. I know that this is because they dont have to do any real work, and only have to speculate on what happened. This is the sad state that we find ourselves in these days. Journalism is dead, and has been replaced by InfoPorn. InfoPorn is the practice of talking about a story until peoples’ minds turn to jello. The story is important on the surface, but the coverage is designed to get people talking about it when in fact it is not something that is truly important to the reality we all live in.
     What happened is a tragedy, there is no denying that. But the InfoPorn industry refuses to let this go. They are interviewing the same people over and over. They are locating obscure relatives of the victims in order to reduce sad personal interest stories that have no real value. The constant emoting of the announcers just grates on my nerves, to be honest.
     This brings us to the bigger question - What is really going on that these idiots are NOT reporting? I find myself getting more and more news from alternative sources these days.

13 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 13 2015

Wednesday is a day that constantly evolves and requires constant reevaluation because it seems to change from week to week. In my case, it is the day I travel from my home office to meet with the client. The last 2 weeks have seen this meeting shift times due to scheduling conflicts at the client's end of things. Thus, my reference to Wednesday being a day that seems to change every week.
The experiment using an app to convert these posts from Evernote to WordPress has failed. I will keep trying, but in the meantime, the old cut-and-paste method will have to do for me. I think it is a shortcoming that I cannot save this post directly in a format that allows me to see it in Wordpress, but hopefully I will find something as time goes along.
     Back to the main point of the post, I travel to the client’s office today at a completely different time. I will attempt to get together with the coworkers who should be there as well to have lunch and catch up on things face to face, if possible. I try to make time for this each Wednesday, but their schedules are still very different than mine. Since I have things caught up here, I will not have to rush things this morning before I leave for the meeting and that is a good feeling.
     Wednesday is also the day during the week when Hal goes to work for a few hours. Today, that means he will be gone before I leave and will probably be home before I return this afternoon. Once the routine goes back to normal, I will leave before he does in the morning and will be back at almost the same time as he is around lunchtime.
     I wanted to mention that I spoke with a dear friend last night. I found out that my new iPhone was very effective in blocking all calls after 2200, so the first thing I did this morning was to include her number on the exception list so I wont miss her call again :) Luckily, I saw she had left a message and was able to talk to her after all. She is doing well, and spent the Mothers Day weekend with her kids away from all distractions. The past 6 months have been enough to wear most people down, since her husband, Don, died in an accident last November. Nicola has risen far above the storm and has thrived for herself and the kids. I often try to remind both of them how lucky they are to have such a wonderful Mom.
     It is now 1420, I made it to and from the meeting only to find out that the meeting was canceled at the last minute! I spent the time at the clients office determining if there were other areas that I could help them out, making my notes and returning home to finish out the day. I started this post with the comment that Wednesdays were constantly in a state of flux, and today proves it once again!
     I have talked with Hal since he came back from work. Apparently, we will find something to do after work this afternoon and early this evening. I dont plan to spend a lot of money, but it will be nice to get out for a while. I only have one more meeting, my 1-1 with my supervisor at 1500 before I shut things down for the day. So far, Wednesday has lived up to itreputation!
     My meeting with supervisor went well, it always does with the new supervisor. I am trying to get a phone call returned before 1530 before I shut down for the day, if I dont get the call back, there is always Thursday :)
     Hal and I made a quick grocery run after work and then came back home.  Setting down to watch hockey this evening before bedtime. I'm sure that Stevie Nicks and Spartacus and Maxwell will all spend time in laps getting loved throughout the evening. 

07 May 2015

Dreamer’s World - Getting Back to the iPhone


     I finally received my iPhone from T-Mobile and I am getting adjusted to the iPhone system after several years on Android. The decision to switch was based on the complete cluster fuck that the update to Android Lollipop caused to my last phone. Almost a month of troubleshooting with T-Mobile failed to get it resolved. I do not blame T-Mobile for what happened, the problem affected the same phone on every carrier, and that indicates that the problem was between Google/Android and the manufacturer.
     At any rate, I opted for the stability of iOS once again. I have not had an iPhone for personal use since 2009 at the latest. I do have an iPhone 5c from the job, so I am relatively familiar with the system as it has evolved through the years. It lacks some of the customization that I was so fond of with Android, but I was well aware of this prior to making the change. I think that I will be happy for a while with the iPhone, I am not one of the love one and hate the other types when it come stop Android and iOS.


06 May 2015

Dreamer’s World May 6 2015 - A Change To A New Routine


     There are always days when things are thrown out of the normal routine,and toady is one of those days for me. The normal weekly meeting with the client has been moved from the morning until the early afternoon. This isn’t a huge deal, but it does necessitate my planning my trip around the bus schedule. Normally, I would have the shuttle from the apartment to Metro, but it doesn’t run during the middle of the day. I will leave here no later than 12 noon for the bus inn order to get to Metro and the train to get me to the client’s office before the 1300 meeting.
     The day starts just like any other day. I have my tasks to update and the emails to answer. At least I am working from home now, so I can stay comfortable for as long as possible before changing clothes to get ready for the meeting. I will be as busy as possible before I leave later this morning.
     On the personal side, I am waiting for my new iPhone to arrive today as well. The LG G3 continues to brick with no sign of ever improving. T-Mobile has been extremely helpful through all of this, but I have had it with Android for the time being. When they decide that it is time to make all the manufacturers conform to basic standards and just put stock Android on their devices, I will probably switch back, but for now I need a phone that works and doesn’t just sit there and consume battery life far too quickly.
     Prior to the last Android update (Lollipop), the G3 would last me all day with heavy usage without a problem. Now the battery drops 5% just by looking at the screen, and this is unacceptable. With my luck, the new phone will arrive while I am away at the client meeting this afternoon, but I will just activate it after work when I have the time. In addition to the afternoon meeting, I also have a doctor’s appointment at 1600, but that is something that won’t take too long and is within a block of the apartment anyway. So, I should be home and completely finished with the day by 1700 and than I can activate the new phone and enjoy the evening.
     Fortunately, I have everything ahead of schedule this morning and am in no rush to get ready for the trip to meet with the client. Not surprisingly, I will be the only one of three employees that will be at the meeting. I seldom miss these meetings, but the other two employees have a habit of announcing that they cannot be there for various reasons. I know that most of these are perfectly valid, but it does leave me with the burden of representing the company to the client on a weekly basis. I take it as an opportunity to shine.
     Looking at the weather, there is a very good chance that it will be raining by the time I am heading home from the meeting. This is one disadvantage of traveling via bus, but that cannot be helped because parking is impossible at the client’s location without paying a mortgage to park for a few hours. I have never paid that amount of money and I refuse to do so now that I am working from home. It also is worth noting that the traffic here, which is bad at the best of times, is completely unbearable when bad weather is present. With all those factors, I choose to take the bus and Metro to and from these meetings.
     Hal just left for his job. He only works on Wednesdays during the week. His schedule is always light on Wednesdays. I will be gone before he returns, so I am making sure that the Stooges are cared for prior to leaving. Once this day is over with, I can plan to relax and get used to the new phone. Thankfully, tomorrow things would be back to the normal routine around here.
     The meeting went smoothly this afternoon and I am glad to report that I got an excellent report from the doctor during my visit after work. Those things are now behind me and I feel so much better this evening.
     The new iPhone arrived, I picked it up from the apartment office after coming back from the doctor. The initial activation turned into a rather lengthy adventure with all the updates that had to be added to the phone, as well as getting my apps installed. Once this is complete, I am off to bed to get ready for tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back into the iPhone routine. There will be some adjustments, but again, I will address them tomorrow.


05 May 2015

Dreamer’s World May 5 2015 - Cinco De Mayo

I am so glad to report that I finally got some great sleep last night! This was the first time in about 5 days that I woke up feeling like i had actually rested. I am awake and working from home this morning, just like every morning now, and looking forward to getting things accomplished rather than just trying to stay awake through the day.
I am also still awaiting the new phone from T-Mobile. It is scheduled to arrive by the end of tomorrow, and I will just have to deal with the increasing problems with my current phone until the new one arrives. As noted in a previous post, I am making the switch from Android to iOS with an iPhone 6 Plus. Perhaps in the future, Android will get their shit together when it comes to releasing updates only AFTER they have been thoroughly checked for bugs, but that is up to them. In the first hour today, the battery on my LG G3 has already dropped 20%.
I will get through today at work and then Hal and I are looking forward to the apartment community’s Cinco de Mayo party this evening. It is being catered, hopefully there will be some Tequila, but I expect a fun time will be had by all regardless.
In the meantime, I am experimenting with Pages from Apple to see how well I can move this from Pages to Wordpress and Blogger. Apparently, that is a fail, because I was unable to copy everything directly from Pages to Wordpress. For this reason, I will stick to Google Docs for the time being as well as Evernote.
The day has started rather smoothly. I’m getting things knocked out rather quickly this morning and want to continue this trend for the rest of the day. The only drawback is waiting on callbacks from other people. Once that has happened, I can get on with my work.
I reached a stopping point before lunch. Now I can take a few minutes to relax and see what is going on in the world around me. I can then finish up another task before lunch and be ahead of the game for the rest of the day.
Lunch was delicious, albeit a frozen entree’. I’m not that picky when it comes to having a quick lunch, and it is better than going out for something that would be over-priced and not as good. As I am checking through personal emails and my social media accounts, I note that there is drama afoot with some friends. Their problem, and I refuse to be drawn into it, especially since I was not involved before. Continued requests for help and support will only irritate me since they are the type of people who always know best until they get into trouble.
It is now time for the last conference call of the day. After this, my work day is over. Hal and I will be making a quick grocery run and then getting ready for the Cinco de Mayo party at the apartment clubhouse this evening. There will be free food (my favorite flavor) and I expect that we will have a great time. I will try to put some more finishing touches on this blog post later this evening.
I am glad to report that Hal and I had a terrific time at the CInco de Mayo party this evening. It was nice to meet some of the neighbors from the complex and get acquainted over some Coronas ;) We stayed rather late, and now it is time for bed. I have a busy day ahead tomorrow, and I need and hope for, a good night’s rest.

04 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 4 2015 - Happy Star Wars Day!

    Since I find myself, as seems to be the case far too often, awake with insomnia at 0300, once again trying to find a way to keep my mind occupied. It is something that I have learned to do as I deal with nights like this. I never turn on the TV, because that will just bore and annoy me, especially at this time of night. Instead, I need to find a way to do something useful with my time.
    I am attempting to refocus my energy right now. In addition to my writing, I have been thinking about how to improve my job performance. This is NOT the reason that I cannot sleep. I wish I had the answer to that riddle, trust me. Rather than make myself any crazier, I am going over things that I can improve upon and things that I can add to make me more productive.
    This is something like creating a to-do list, but I am taking the time to write it down, although not here in this post. I have set some tasks for myself for the upcoming work week and I will fit them into my schedule as best I can around the normal items and the meetings. It will take some effort, but I believe it will be worth it in the long run.
    I have also decided to take a similar approach to the rest of my life. Not in terms of productivity, but rather in terms of being a better person. I have the insomnia-induced luxury of time right now to get started. I have been looking at my life and realize that I spend far too much time not doing what I want to do when I have the time. I'm not certain why I have fallen into this rut, but I need to get out of it.
    I think that the decision to work from home has made this easier to identify and I hope that will also make it easier to overcome. Last week, I started going back to the gym. That was something that is long overdue. Luckily, I have Hal with me to keep me motivated. When I was commuting back and forth to the office, the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was to exercise.
    I also, looking back at the weekend, realize that I must make better use of my free time. Staying around the apartment doesn't help !e that much. I need to get out while Hal works on Saturday and Sunday to do things for myself. As the old saying goes, we only live once, and there are times when I feel like I am really missing out on too many things. I am resolving to do things next weekend that I would simply like to do to help pass the time when Hal is at work. This doesn't involve anything spectacular like skydiving or alligator wrestling, so I'm not breaking out of the routine to that degree, but I do need to get out more now that the weather has turned nice.
I managed to get about 2 more hours of sleep before I had to get up and start my day working from home. I am really feeling the effects of last night right now after lunch, but my resolve remains strong. I have gotten several tasks knocked off today that I specifically listed for myself at some point in the middle of last night. I just wish I could get back to a normal sleep routine and then have everything organized the way I want it!


03 May 2015

Dreamer’s World May 3 2015 - Time to switch my phone

     Sunday morning is here. I slept in late, but will still be able to get Hal off to work on time today. After that, I am going to T-Mobile and see about upgrading to a new phone. After using Android for nearly 8 years, I might be making the switch back to Apple. My current phone is the LG G3 and I love it, or at least I did until the upgrade to Lollipop. I think that the rather fractured nature of Android development has reached a critical point due to the compromises that Android makes with the manufacturers of each phone, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola,or in my case, LG. As Android grows more and more complex and usable it faces this problem of new versions not being 100% compatible with every device. It is understandable from a technical and an engineering point of view, but that doesn’t help me with my current dilemma of having a perfectly usable phone that is now less than perfectly usable after the update.
     The problem is that my LG G3 cannot use WiFi calling after the upgrade. My SIM is recognized as not valid, when it is. I also noticed that when I use the silent feature overnight, as I have for years, that the actual sound profile (not the volume setting) changes to silent and has to be reset the next morning or I the phone will not ring or vibrate to notify me of messages or calls. This is unacceptable.
     I understand the technical problems, and I do not blame T-Mobile for any of this. T-Mobile is an excellent choice for me as far as coverage and customer support. That is why I am not considering leaving T-Mobile for any reason.
     At any rate, I’m going to T-Mobile when they open today and go ahead and use my JUMP to upgrade this phone. What I upgrade to remains to be seen. Perhaps I will give Android another chance with a different phone manufacturer, or perhaps I will end up back with an iPhone after all these years.
     From everything that I am reading, Lollipop is a major problem across all models of Android phones. This is truly a shame because Android is such a great system. Perhaps this will force Google to set some standards that manufacturers will install stock Android without any of their own bloatware on top to provide some consistency and ease of updates in the future, but I doubt that this will happen because the manufacturers will resist this change. I fear that it will cost them in the long run.
     I often use my phone to start and edit these blog posts, but the main functionality is still to be a working phone. On this count, I am extremely disappointed right now. If I can find the stability with Apple that I am lacking after this Lollipop update, then my decision is that much easier to make. If I were in charge of marketing for Apple, I would rush out a series of commercials highlighting the troubles that users are having with Lollipop in order to convince them to go to Apple.
     I was an early convert to Android, and I have loved the experience. Android has pushed Apple to modernize its own iOS and forced it to add features. That early conversion will make switching a bit more difficult than I would have wished, but in the long term, I demand a phone that fulfills the primary function fist and foremost.
     I completed my JUMP upgrade order this afternoon. The new iPhone should be here by Thursday and I will be glad to see it, although I will miss Android for a lot of reasons.

02 May 2015

Dreamer's World May 2 2015 - Good and Bad


  I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but that isn't unusual for me. I am actually feeling very good today as lunchtime approaches as I sit here listening to my music and playing with The Stooges. Hal will be home this afternoon, and I'll see if we are going to do anything later. Just another Saturday for me, but I'm very happy with how things are going.
     I never realized how much my outlook on things would change after I began working from home. I actually fund myself thinking about ways to work better. I know that this is because I am no longer caught up in concentrating on how much I disliked the old office. I predict that things will be much better from now on.
On the other hand, I am seriously thinking about stopping by T-Mobile tomorrow and upgrading my phone. The recent upgrade to Lollipop on Android has caused nothing but trouble on my LG G3. This is a shame because it is a terrific device, however I am tired of the constant problems after the last update to the software. It is entirely possible that I might just upgrade to an iPhone6 and be done with this altogether. I will continue to use Android on the tablets, and I am a die-hard Chrome user as well, but enough is enough.
Regardless, I will think more about that tomorrow. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight and I hope for a good night of sleep.

01 May 2015

Google Docs


As I am writing on a daily basis, I have found myself moving more and more into Google Docs to keep track of my writing. I find it such a useful platform to coordinate these blog posts so I can access them across operating platforms without any interruption. The convenience factor is amazing. I am checking out an add-on to Google Docs called “Docs to WordPress” as a means of streamlining my writing process for the next few days to see how it works.

The ease of having things up-to-date wherever I am is so appealing to me. I have been a user of Evernote, and it remains a wonderful program, but it does require some effort at times to keep a blog post consistent across platforms. Images are one of the areas that I constantly seem to have difficulty with. I am impressed by the ease of placing an image into a Google doc and having it appear exactly the same when I go back to edit it later. I will be experimenting with this to see how well it works.