Dreamer's World May 31 2015

     Starting Sunday feeling a bit under the weather here. I woke up with a nasty sore throat and immediately gargled with some strong salt water to try and eliminate whatever is irritating my throat. It seems to be working, but I know that the irritation will probably last all day, so I'll just have to deal with it. I strongly suspect that this has something to do with allergies that I suffer from each year. A good soaking rain should take care of it for a few days.
    Since Hal is at work, I will decide whether or not I want to venture out later. I am really not that excited about either choice at this point. As of 1300, I'm still at home and it is looking like I will be staying home for the rest of the day unless some overpowering urge hits me to go out. Lunch is still on standby until I make up my mind about this. 
     At least I have peace and quiet surrounding me today. As I get older, I prefer this much more often. I stayed home with the exception of going to the gym located in the apartment clubhouse for about 30 minutes this afternoon. I came back home and relaxed. Hal arrived late in the afternoon and while he was in the shower, The Stooges decided to perform again

I wish that I could really describe how much The Stooges mean to Hal and I. The pictures will have to suffice for now. Spartacus was on the windowsill and Stevie Nicks had taken up her new favorite spot in my briefcase as Maxwell just laid on the table and looked at them both. 
     Eventually, Stevia Nicks and Spartacus ended sharing the top of another chair. 

Evening has arrived, the Harry Potter movies have been playing in the background all afternoon. I never can see enough of these movies. I read the books prior to seeing the movies and I am such a huge fan of them. Hal is taking care of some paperwork before his eye exam tomorrow, I am taking the day off to get him there and back. I always make sure that I am available because that is what a family is all about.
    I am really enjoying writing this post. I never cease to be amazed at the pleasure that writing gives me, and yet I somehow manage to not find the time to enjoy it every day like I know I should. Perhaps today is another wake-up call for me to focus more on this each day.
    I hope to get a good night of sleep. My throat feels much better now, although it will be rather rough and irritated for another day or so. At least I will feel better when I take Hal to the doctor tomorrow.

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