Dreamer's World May 2 2015 - Good and Bad


  I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but that isn't unusual for me. I am actually feeling very good today as lunchtime approaches as I sit here listening to my music and playing with The Stooges. Hal will be home this afternoon, and I'll see if we are going to do anything later. Just another Saturday for me, but I'm very happy with how things are going.
     I never realized how much my outlook on things would change after I began working from home. I actually fund myself thinking about ways to work better. I know that this is because I am no longer caught up in concentrating on how much I disliked the old office. I predict that things will be much better from now on.
On the other hand, I am seriously thinking about stopping by T-Mobile tomorrow and upgrading my phone. The recent upgrade to Lollipop on Android has caused nothing but trouble on my LG G3. This is a shame because it is a terrific device, however I am tired of the constant problems after the last update to the software. It is entirely possible that I might just upgrade to an iPhone6 and be done with this altogether. I will continue to use Android on the tablets, and I am a die-hard Chrome user as well, but enough is enough.
Regardless, I will think more about that tomorrow. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight and I hope for a good night of sleep.

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