Dreamer's World May 23 2015


     I slept in this morning. By the time I awoke, Hal had already left for work. I don't have any idea what I will do today other than a trip to the grocery store for a few necessities sometime this morning. Since this is the first day of my 4-day weekend, I suppose that getting some rest should be high on my list of priorities. I neglected to get cucumber to have with the salmon patties I made yesterday and I need to get some Diet Dr. Pepper while I am out. I want to make the trip before everyone else invades the stores to get their own holiday supplies.
Until Hal gets home from work, there is nothing on my agenda after the grocery run. I will make myself happy around the apartment as I enjoy the time off. I am certain that The Stooges will occupy most of my time until the late afternoon. While there is s small chance that Hal and I will go out later, I don’t suspect that it is a realistic possibility. We need to spend the time together anyway. 
     I have been to the store and back by 1030. It feels good to have everything taken care of for the day already. I decided a while later to take a nice walk and covered 3 miles before I realized it. I feel much better and slightly more tan after that 😃
     This is an absolutely beautiful day, perfect and ripe with possibilities. There is nothing better than just cranking up some tunes on a day like this.
I am so glad that I read these posts one last time before I submit them. Occasionally, I get carried away and type things that I know I will regret. Fortunately, I catch most of them during the read-through. As the evening sets in, I am at home and ready to relax. Tomorrow is another day, with all the promise that holds for me. In the meantime, I will enjoy how lucky Hal and I are right now.


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