Dreamer's World -Never Give In To Despair, Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep moving forward. Sometimes it seems that the weight we carry with us from our past will slow us down to the point that we cannot move forward. Sometimes it feels like the only real choice we have is to just stop and give up. Never let those feelings overwhelm you! Never let those feelings prevent you from finding happiness.
I spent far too long jousting with those windmills in the hope of vanquishing the memories and things that I refused to let go of that served no other purpose than to keep me unhappy. The issues and circumstances might be unique, but the problem wasn't. I came to realize that I could never overcome the past, the only solution was to let the weight drop from my shoulders and move forward. I didn't need "god" to help me through this, I did it myself. It wasn't easy, but few worthwhile things ever are.
Once I began to leave the past, and the accompanying emotional baggage behind, did I truly begin to live again. I decided that I would define myself by what I did from that point forward, and never look back again. Of course this is impossible to accomplish with 100% success, but I consciously stopped myself whenever I felt the old issues and doubts try to work their way back into my mind. I got better at it as time went by until it became second nature to me.
I met the person of my dreams almost 15 and 1/2 years ago and we have been together ever since. If I had not managed to get the demons exercised I doubt that we would have lasted 3 months! Never let people allow you to dwell on the very things that are holding you back. If those people are directly connected to the issues that are troubling you, seriously consider breaking away from them altogether. Whether consciously or not, they become enablers of what you are trying to escape from. The most important thing in your life is what you do next, and that lesson repeats itself every day. If someone is not willing to break with your past and help you to move forward, your answer should be clear.
Once you break the chains and move forward, you will find that life is full of possibilities once again. Your freedom to make decisions without crushing doubts will be amazing. I don't expect that you will repeat your earlier mistakes. I know that I haven't, but recognition of that is a far cry from being a prisoner of your past.
Some of you will choose to forgive those who caused you pain (I haven't) and some of you will choose to ask forgiveness to those you have hurt (I have). That is a personal choice we each have to make. Just remember that you are the most important part of your world, and that only you have the power to keep moving forward!

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