Dreamer's World May 29 2015

It is a beautiful Friday morning as I get the work day started. It is one of those Fridays which will see a long and graceful swan dive into the weekend. This will be a 3-day weekend once again, because I have to take Hal to his eye exam on Monday. It happens once a year and I don't mi d doing it at all, because it is what we do for those we care about.
As for the workday, it should be rather quiet. I will conduct my Data Qualify Roundtable meeting this morning and there is only one short conference call scheduled after that. I have no plans to take on any extra tasking today, for a change.
When it comes to a topic for today’s post. I am still searching for inspiration. Something will occur to me at some point today, but until then this remains a daily journal type of post.

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