Dreamer’s World May 24 2015 - Another Beautiful Day

I am getting my day started here by experimenting with some apps that might make it easier to post my blog to various platforms from Evernote without all the tedious cut-and-paste efforts that frustrate me on a regular basis. Today I am trying the app called Blogo for iMac. I hope that this will work out, although it isn’t available for iPod or iPad, i hope that since it syncs with Evernote that it will meet my needs.
I have been looking for the Rosetta type of app for some time now. I find it frustrating to simply post a link to Evernote as the blog entry in either Wordpress or Blogger, which are the two formats in which I publish this blog. I will give this a shot today and see how well it works for me and report back at the end of today, and over the next several days. In the meantime, I will continue my day here. I am still debating about going out, but I have not made up my mind about what I will do. Part of me wants to go and look at tech toys. This is a passion of mine. Another part wants to go to Old Town Alexandria and just walk around. This is appealing, but I have some misgivings about it because of the crowds that will be there, and I would much rather go with Hal sometime than go solo,especially since I detest eating out by myself. I strongly suspect that tech toys will win in the end, although there is nothing that I really need right now, and really nothing that I can justify spending the money on! It won’t hurt me to look around at any rate. Eventually, I will make my mind up about what I am going to do. Until then, I can write and spend time with The Stooges around the apartment without spending any money.
After a bit of internal debate, I decided that I would compromise so I went out for lunch, brought it back home and am now feeling rather sleepy. Hal should be home in a few hours and we'll have tomorrow and Tuesday together. I think this is the best course of action for me right now. I might end up taking a nap on the couch and then returning to this blog post later. Hal has showered and I think that he wants to stay home this evening. Not a surprise at all, and no reason to make anything of it. I can continue to write, spend time with Hal and The Stooges. Tomorrow will offer a chance to have an adventure together, and that is the important thing. Since Hal has settled down for the evening, I'm giving him his space because he wants to watch TV shows that make me want to vomit. Think talk shows and you'll get the idea. Anyway, in addition to writing I am also catching up on some reading with my Kindle Paperwhite. I've had this for a few years and I have never really been tempted to upgrade to the newer Kindle models. The Paperwhite still works just fine for me and the battery lasts forever. What more could I ask for? Currently, I am reading the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett from the beginning. I was so sad to hear that he passed away recently and I remember laughing out loud when I read the books years ago. The Kindle gives me the ability to have all of his books without the clutter problem of traditional books. This will help me to pass the time until Game Of Thrones at 2100 tonight. I have not had dinner yet, I plan to have a salmon patty with sides later this evening/ I have enjoyed these, and Hal has as well. I don’t want to make them again right away in order to avoid getting bored with them too quickly. Tomorrow I will begin planning for the next items I will be cooking in the kitchen. I have not decided exactly what that will be just yet, but definitely not fish of any sort.Perhaps I will make some Skyline Chili with the seasoning packets that I already have here. All that I would have to buy is the ground beef and make certain that I also have tomato paste before starting the chili. I can do that this evening so I will know if there is anything that I have to get other than the ground beef at the store tomorrow. Back to another subject I touched on earlier in this post. I have been updating this blog post with Evernote throughout the day. When I am finished, I will attempt to post it using Blogo and see how that works out for me. The lack of Blogo for any platform other than the iMac isn’t that much of a problem if it plays nice with Evernote. If this is successful, I can see paying for Blogo at the end of the trial period. I almost never am going an entire day without having access to the iMac so I can use Blogo to post from anyway.

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