Dreamer's World May 16 2015

    Another weekend is here! It promises to be a relatively quiet weekend since I woke up this morning not feeling 100%, but I will make the best of it anyway. Plans for day trips are canceled since I don't want to feel worse while away from home. There is nothing that really had to be done anyway. At least I won't be spending any money today. Payday is not until next Friday and it is best that I save as much as possible between now and then anyway.
    At least I still have my writing to keep my mind occupied and myself out of trouble. On a warm Spring Saturday, what more could I really ask for? I am taking the time this morning to get all my gizmos charged up for a change. The recent switch to the iPhone has kept me away from the Chromebook for a while, but I have no plans to do away with this little monster. It still works perfectly, and provided I take my pics on the iPhone and then save them to Evernote on there, they will be in place as I work on this blog post. I have been checking out prices on MacBook Air laptops, but what is the point? This Chromebook does everything that I need for a lot less money. If I were to take a MacBook Air out with me and drop it, or have it stolen, I would be mad as hell and also very disappointed at the money that I had just lost. If the Chromebook gets dropped and damaged or stolen, it can be replaced for less than $300!
    As usual, I am here with the TV turned OFF. I just find little to no joy in watching it anymore. I prefer to read, or listen to music as I write, and even if I were not writing, the TV would still be OFF as long as I am the only person here. The Stooges are all asleep in various rooms, and the lack of noise makes it easier for them to sleep as well.
    Back to how I am feeling. I wonder if I am coming down with the bug that has been going around recently. I have had some mild nausea yesterday and today. Nothing alarming, but definitely makes me uncomfortable. I am drinking lots of water in hopes of flushing whatever it is out of my system. I hope that this works. I really dislike this in-between feeling and want to get rid of it soon. Another complication of feeling bad is having to monitor my BG more often until I feel better. Feeling under the weather usually makes my BG run high, and today is no exception. I am adjusting my medications to compensate and will monitor each  hour until it gets back to normal. This is something that I have to do whenever I feel under the weather, so it is no big deal anymore. Just something that has to be done. This means a very lite lunch for me as I work to get the BG back to normal range. I think that seasonal allergies might have a lot to do with this as well, but I have to endure.
    In the meantime, I will enjoy the nice weather from the balcony while Hal is at work. He should be back sometime early this afternoon, unless he works an extra hour or so. I think that he might have told me something about that earlier this week when his job called him. Not going out means that I will be here when he returns. I doubt that we go anywhere this afternoon/evening.
    After a nap. it is 1430 and the day remains quiet. Hal is not home yet, so I guess I was right that he is working an extra hour today. I am feeling better now, and I will check the BG in a few minutes. Until then, I can enjoy the silence for a while longer with The Stooges. I hope that the worst of the nausea is over with for good, and that I can enjoy the evening and tomorrow without that awful feeling hanging over me.
    The rest of the afternoon turned into a series of naps, which I must have needed to get over this nausea. Obviously, I stayed home this evening. I will see what tomorrow has in store, and hope that I get a good night of sleep.

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