Dreamer's World January 14 2017 - Saturday Musings

The weekend is here at last. It started last night after we got home from dinner with Nicola. I began to marinate some chicken breasts so they will be ready to cook today. It felt good to get ahead of things here at home rather than be rushed today, because it has turned into a really blah type of day with a mix of rain, freezing rain, and snow making things rather miserable around here. Thankfully it will warm up enough to change everything to rain by later in the day. Until then, Hal (person) is at work and I have the place to myself along with The Stooges. Any thoughts of going out vanished with the weather since we already have everything we need here right now.
The afternoon has arrived and I am still here. I haven’t left the apartment at all today, there is no reason to. I will cook the chicken breasts later and then we will have enough food for a few days. I decided that if I really want to get out tomorrow, I will do so.

For now I am waiting for the UK basketball game this afternoon against Auburn. Hal will be home soon and we will have the evening together. We can both look forward to having Monday to spend with each other for a change. I hope that the weather will be nice for this time of year and that we will be able to get out and enjoy ourselves.

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