Dreamer's World January 30 2017 - Snow And Monday

I woke up this morning to find the grass covered by a light layer of snow. This was not unexpected, but it still sets a certain mood for the day here. As I work my way through my mountain of emails, I am reminded that this is still Winter and that the snow is nothing unusual.
I start this week with a renewed sense of hope that things will get better. If I cannot force myself to believe this on Monday morning, then there is no way that the shitstorm in the world can ever seem manageable later in the week. I pledge to resist the Nazi in charge as effectively as I can, and to do as much as I can to hasten his departure/impeachment. If I fail to promise myself to do these things, then the weight of the world will just paralyze me.
I hope that this Monday will be a productive one at work. I am waiting for a list of items that require research (my specialty) in order to really get things going here. Until that happens, I am relishing the quiet, watching Hal The Cat as he sleeps nearby, appreciating Stevie Nicks as she ate some cat treats from my hand earlier this morning, and Spartacus as he lays sleeping with Hal (person) in the bedroom. In their own way, they all give me the strength that I need each and every day.
Hal (person) told me after he woke up that he has found yet another apartment that he wants to look at. Today is not the best day for doing that because I work until 1630 and it would take almost an hour to get to the location. Unless they are willing to show an apartment later our visit will have to wait until Friday at the earliest when I get out of work at 1430 and we would have time to get out there.
The apartment search is going well and we continue to eliminate places based on cost and location. Eventually we will focus down to 2 or 3 at the most, but until then we can make certain that we have seen as many apartments as possible before that decision has to be made. The timeframe to make the decision is getting closer. By the end of February we should have made the decision about which apartments to focus on for applications, etc. I have my personal favorite, but it might not make the list due to the cost, Hal is on a fixed income and it would be difficult for him to make that one work well within his budget. No worries because we will find the right place and be happy in the long term.
Hal was just talking to a friend who lives in DC. The friend has suggested that we consider moving into the city, but that is out of the question due to cost. It is too expensive where we are at now, so the only option we have is to  move further out so we can get something nice that won’t bust the budget.

Hal hasn’t spoken anymore about the apartment he mentioned this morning. It might be because I work later today and we wouldn't have the time to go out there. I will find out more once the work day is over with.

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