Dreamer's World January 19 2017 - Daily Prompt "Overworked"

First of all, a note that since tomorrow is my birthday I probably won’t be posting at all that day. I will resume on Saturday.
The Daily Prompt is “Overworked”. This is an easy one because as Americans we tend to work ourselves into early graves in some vain pursuit of things and possessions. I read an article about a year ago that showed how many Americans leave vacation time on the books because they are AFRAID to use it. They fear, and with some justification, that taking time away from work will hurt their career and possibly cost them their jobs.
Fortunately, the company that I work for is always reminding people that we have a life outside of work. Vacation and days off are encouraged. This is becoming something of a rarity in America, and that is a sad thing.
Another unfortunate aspect of “overworked” is that when too many people take a vacation, they try to structure it just like they are at work. Schedules are put together, tasks as assigned to be completed, and deadlines are imposed. It is no wonder that so many Americans come back to work after a vacation and say “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation”.

We need to take time away from work on a regular basis. No one can endure the stress and routine forever without it taking a terrible toll on them. The cost in health care and in personal relationships is astounding because we cannot escape the cycle of being “overworked”.

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