Dreamer's World January 27 2017 - More Friday Fun

The end of the week has arrived at last. Yesterday was a day off for me, but not in the real relaxing sense because I had a dental appointment. It was just a cleaning but I have never liked going to the dentist and this hasn’t changed as I have grown older. It isn’t a fear or phobia, just more of a hassle and inconvenience factor to me. Like so many people I should have taken better care of my teeth when I was younger, but we cannot change the past.
As I start this Friday morning, I have yet another thing to look forward to, sort of at least. After work I am getting my taxes done. This is never a worrisome thing for me, but I have never trusted all of the software applications to get them complete and accurate. Perhaps I will try this next year but for now I am still comfortable going to the local H&R Block and getting them done there.
At least Friday is an early day for me and I will be done with work by 1430 this afternoon. After the appointment to do my taxes, I can really start my weekend and the most appealing thing right now would be a nice, long nap.
I am going to try to ignore the news throughout the day. I will get my usual online feeds and sneak a peek now and then. Most of the time I just keep the news off and focus on work or home life until my curiosity causes me to look.
Hal just informed me that there are more apartments he would like to look at this afternoon. Since it is my early day off, I called and rescheduled my tax appointment till tomorrow at 1600 and we will check out the places that he found. So much for the planned nap, but that seldom happens anyway.

We made it home after checking out two apartments. They will definitely stay on our lists.

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