Dreamer's World January 11 2017 - The Search For A New Apartment

The middle of the week has arrived. A longer than normal trip to the weekly meeting with the client, I am left with less time to get things done. This necessitates reorganizing my priorities for the afternoon and also for tomorrow morning. Thankfully I am still ahead of things and this won’t be a terrible inconvenience.
Hal (person) and I looked at another apartment late yesterday afternoon. I think that Hal really liked this one, and it might be at or near the top of the list as of today. It was convenient to everything in the area that we are looking to move to, and isn’t quite as far outside the Beltway as some of the others that he has liked. It is on bus routes that can take us to the nearest Metro station. The management company is one that we trust because we lived at one of their properties for 9 years.
The apartment had an open kitchen and also had a glass-top stove which is very rare in apartments for the price we are looking for. There would be plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen along with a small pantry, so that is a bonus. The apartment has a full-size washer and dryer which is another huge plus for both of us because it cuts down on the number of times we would have to do laundry.
Finally, the bedrooms were much larger than the ones we have now. This means that I can comfortably put the computer desk in one of the bedrooms and not have everything else shoved against walls in order to have any room at all. If Hal (person) decides that this is the apartment community that he wants to move to, I am all in favor of it. The rent will be substantially lower than what we are paying now, and the only thing that we will lose is the underground parking. I think that we are both willing to make that sacrifice.

I am really ready to make a decision on which apartments to consider for the final cut. All of the details from places seem to run together after all of the places we have seen. Even though the move itself won’t happen until May, I am ready to be done with the searching. All I can do is wait until Hal makes his decision.

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