Dreamer's World January 23 2017 - Dreary Start To The Week

I managed to get to bed early last night. I decided that there was nothing to keep me awake after 2100 and I was in bed before then. I am glad to say that I slept very well and that I am starting this morning feeling refreshed. I really needed that extra sleep, especially when I woke up to a dreary, rainy morning on a day where the sun will not appear. If I had not gotten the extra sleep, I would be snoring already at work.
In the big picture, getting enough rest is something that I am guilty of NOT doing just like so many others. There is always something that seems to demand my time and will keep me from simply shutting down in the evening and going to bed. I know that this is a bad habit, and I will work to break myself of it as much as possible. I want to make a new start to things, the world has turned upside-down and it will be more of a challenge to survive. This means that getting more rest is essential to remaining happy because the stress of the world will still get through, despite my best efforts.
Work does take my mind off of things like the state of the world for a few hours each day, but I still have to maintain my separation from the rest of the world when I am not at work. I find that music and reading get me through the tough times and make everything bearable for a while.
The rain continues to fall. The wind is lashing it against the window as I type. It seems to fit my mood over the last few days. I need to see the sun shine again in order to feel better.
I had some chicken korma for lunch and am feeling slightly more optimistic this afternoon even as the rain continues to fall, heavier than this morning. I am already looking forward to quitting time because today is one of those days when curling up in bed seems like the only logical thing to do while the storm rages outside.

To make matters worse, I am practically exhausted this afternoon. Ironic that on a day after getting extra sleep that I end up being tired the following day.

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