Dreamer's World January 3 2017 - Daily Prompt - "Gone"

“Gone”. Something that we had or experienced that is no longer with us. Perhaps it is a person who has died, or a friend who is either far away or no longer a friend. “Gone” is a word that implies closure, something that has occurred and will not be changed no matter how much we might hope to.
“Gone” is the moment when we are struck with happiness or despair. We remember that moment vividly but are powerless to preserve it. The memory of the moment will never match the moment itself. Perspective becomes warped as time goes by. Memories of loved ones change through time, no matter how much we struggle to preserve a memory, it eventually loses some of its. lustre and fades to gray.

“Gone” implies looking backwards. This can be useful from time to time, but we should never look back for long or we will not see what is ahead of us.

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