Dreamer's World January 30 2017 - RWNJ Rush To Judgement

Yesterday a terrorist attack happened at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada. At least 6 people were killed as they prayed. The media immediately jumped on this story with their usual inept and incompetent fervor. Social media was abuzz with blame being assigned to “Muslim terrorists” and the same RWNJ lunatics rushed to defend the illegal and immoral policies of the Nazi in the White House on immigration that blocks people based on their religion from entering this country.
As of this writing, Canadian police have identified the lone suspect who has surrendered to police. He is a WHITE Canadian who was a supporter of various RWNJ websites. Once this news began to leak out of Canada, the media immediately stopped talking about the attack. The lone WHITE gunman didn’t fit in with the infoporn agenda that was being pumped out through the television sets nationwide.
Once again, the media is nothing more than a tool of those in power. The Nazi in the White House knows this and will do everything in his power to control the messages that we receive. Once the FACTS, not the “alternate facts”, but the FACTS were out there, the story became how the entire Canadian government MUST be involved in a conspiracy to cover up the “alternate truth”. This is the official policy of the Nazi in the White House.

This is precisely why the media CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Think for yourself. Find out the TRUTH rather than have some infoporn spoonfed to you.

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