Dreamer's World January 13 2017 - Daily Prompt "Capable"

The Daily Prompt is “Capable”. This is an interesting word that falls short of an accomplishment, but isn’t quite an insult. To be considered “capable” indicates that one is at or near the basic expected level of competency for any assigned task. I see the word in this way because of the jobs that I have had through the years.
When I worked with the military there were several conditions of preparedness that could be assigned to a unit. “Capable” fell right into the middle with adjectives for being more or less. Units were judged to be “Fully Mission Capable”, “Capable”, or Non-Mission Capable” in order from best to worst. As you can see, the is puts “capable” into the medium category and not at all favorable when compared to the highest level.
Therefore, I hear the word “capable” and it carries a negative impression. It implies that one is doing only the bare minimum to be judged competent. Whether this is due to a lack of proper training, or to a lack of motivation is usually the question that is asked when “capable” is used.

I realize that my perspective is skewed. I am sure that there are those who will give the word “capable” much more glowing praise than I am willing to.

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