Dreamer's World January 21 2017 - Daily Prompt "Privacy"

The Daily Prompt is “Privacy”. Something that we are slowly losing in our digital world. In the past, when everything was written with pen and paper, it took a substantial effort to get those words into the public consciousness, but today with a blog such as this, my words can reach an unknown amount of people. With this new perspective, we need to re-evaluate our notion of “privacy”.
In a digital information age, privacy is something that cannot be guaranteed as it was in the past. When information or opinion becomes public, we have to deal with the consequences of that. If we choose to write or express our opinion digitally, we have entered a new realm where “privacy” is not guaranteed as it was in the past.

This is why I often refuse to post the first attempt at a blog post. It is more important than ever to read carefully before you hit the “send” button.

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