Dreamer's World January 25 2017 - Yesterday Was A Bust For The Blog, Hoping Today Is Better

Yesterday’s blog post was a hot mess that could not be salvaged. I apologize for not getting something out, but there are times when we all have some type of writer’s block and yesterday was that day for me.
I generally write about what happens here at home as I work during the day. Unfortunately, too many things were going on at one time and my thought train derailed as it left the station. Today is much more focused, thankfully, and I am feeling much better about this post as I continue to write. The afternoon will be quick and painless, I hope, before quitting time at 1530.
I have spoken to Hal and we will be going out after work to check on a few apartments as we continue to narrow our search. Some of the ones that we have really liked have begun creeping up in price and that is not good. On the other hand, it does force us to focus more on the places that are not so obviously attempting to make a few extra dollars.
Actually, we did go and looked at an apartment complex that we had missed. We were both very favorably impressed and although it is at the higher end of our price range, it will remain on the short list for the time being. Honestly, it cannot go any higher or we will have to forget about it, but it is beautiful.

And now we are home after dinner. I am taking tomorrow off from work for a dental appointment. I need the break anyway in order to clear my head. I feel marginally better about this post today, and I hope to do better tomorrow.

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