Dreamer's World January 4 2017 - Daily Prompt - "Crossing"

Another interesting choice for a daily prompt. “Crossing” to me signifies the passing of an obstacle that was in my path. Much like a railroad crossing, moving past this point means that life goes on.
I have made several “crossings” in my life. Each one has had its share of fear and trepidation, but afterwards the rewards for having made the effort seem to always outweigh the downside.
Coming out as gay was a key “crossing” point in my life. The sense of foreboding was incredible, and no amount of encouragement or testimony from others made me feel any better about making the decision. The decision was an obstacle that I had to either pass or make a complete U-turn with my life. Obviously I finally made the decision to “cross” and I instantly felt a sense of relief and support that I could never have imagined. The act of “crossing” was the difficult part.

A “crossing” is a point in our life that we have to deal with. As with all things, the best way to go is forward. Life is worth the risk that is required.

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