Dreamer's World January 12 2017 - Daily Prompt - "Someday"

The Daily Prompt is “Someday”. I like this as an idea because it gives me a sense of hope. Life isn’t always fair or easy, that is an understatement, but the concept of “someday” gives me a goal to work towards. “Someday” things will be better is more useful than saying that “Next Tuesday” things will be better.
“Someday” gives us an objective to reach for. While not specific, it has the advantage of allowing the goals to be adjusted through time. It is the lack of that specific timeline that gives us the freedom to work towards a goal in different ways.

Because I am a Type B personality, I prefer the open-ended goal over a specific objective. To plan to meet a specific objective means that every eventuality has to be planned for and that is impossible. A “someday” goal needs the flexibility to adjust as circumstances dictate. Life is all about being flexible and adaptable.

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