Dreamer's World January 7b 2017 - Daily Prompt - "Specific"

      The Daily Prompt is “Specific”. I am not sure where this came from, nor am I certain about how to proceed with this post.
      I personally prefer a bit more freedom when I type rather than be limited to something “specific”. This has caused problems throughout my professional career since most of the people I work with are firmly grounded in the tech-writing “see Dick run” style of writing. To me, this is both frustrating and limiting.
      “Specific” is a term that people use when they want to avoid any real discussion on a subject, in my personal opinion. “Specific” tends to give people the leeway to always claim that there needs to be nmore specificity simply because their tiny minds cannot handle complex issues.
      I live in the ethereal plane myself. I love to write and to me the greatest crime is to force someone to dampen their natural abilities in order to meet some vague notion such as “Specific”. There, I said it! “Specific” is a term that contradicts itself. “Specific” is in the eyes of the beholder, the same as Beauty and therefore falls under the same level of vagueness that defines beauty.

      I personally dislike this word as a daily prompt.

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