Dreamer's World January 5 2017

As Thursday morning arrives, so does the mention of the “s” word here in the DMV. Of course the “s” word is “snow” and that sends the entire area into a full-blown panic just because the “s” word has been used. Of course, the “snow” will be light, but that will not stop the panic. Naturally, I have to be out when the “snow” arrives to go to my chiropractor appointment this afternoon so I will be extra careful on the roads because of the idiots that cannot drive even under the best of conditions who will lose their goddamn minds when they see snowflakes.
On the other hand, it is a beautiful morning here. We have to take time to remember that without the storms, we cannot truly appreciate the everyday beauty all around us. I will make the most of the time at work this morning and leave for my appointment knowing that I have done my best.
I am really ready for my chiropractor appointment today. I am sore and need some relief. Hopefully after the visit and the trip home, I can rest and relax and wake up in the morning feeling really refreshed and without any nagging back pain to bother me as the weekend approaches. I am ready for the 2 days off and some downtime.
I made it home just as the snow flurries started to fall. Hal (person) says that he doesn’t want to go anywhere so I guess that we are both home for the afternoon/evening. I feel much more relaxed after the chiropractor visit and I hope that I will sleep well tonight as a result. It is nice to know that I am done with everything for the rest of the day. The forecast continues to look like snow will stay to the south of us as far as any serious accumulation is concerned and that is fine by me.

Now the decision about dinner will occupy my time. I am not sure exactly what I want right now but I will decide before too much longer. I suppose the best thing to do is to throw something together from what we already have here. Saving money is always a good option, to be sure. There is always tomorrow after work to go out. I won’t waste any time or effort on this tonight. I can make something up from what we already have here and call it a night.

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