Dreamer's World January 23 2017 - Daily Prompt "Oversight"

The Daily Prompt is “Oversight”. This is something that we have completely surrendered to the NAZI in charge. “Alternative Facts” are now in vogue to dismiss reality in favor of warped RWNJ fantasy. This trend is a key component to NAZI dictatorships. Tell the BIG LIE so much that people will actually start to believe it. The main difference right now is that the MSM is not completely in bed with the NAZI yet, but when their corporate masters speak you can bet that the “Alternative Facts” will be reported as gospel truth.
The cleverly designed attacks on the media are intended to bring them into line by threatening their profit margin. If the NAZI can successfully agitate the RWNJ lunatics to attack the media themselves, this will happen even more quickly.

“Oversight” is what we are lacking right now. The only option that we have is to collect all the information we can and to make it as public as possible. Once again, the MSM will NOT help in this attempt to provide “oversight”, it will be up to us.

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