Dreamer's World January 1 2017 - Daily Prompt - Year

I suppose that “Year” is the most appropriate daily prompt to start 2017 with. In the cosmic sense of things, a year is only  the way that we have chosen to measure time. It is an abstract concept that has been molded to meet our needs and has become widely accepted.
To me personally, a year doesn’t evolve much beyond that point. It signifies a way in which I am judged to be older than I was yesterday, especially since my birthday is later this month. A year gives us a sense of time within our own lives. I know that 2017 means that at some point I will become 53 years old, that my relationship with Hal (person) will enter its 17th year. Hal The Cat will be in his 2nd year with us, Stevie Nicks will be in her 6th year, and Spartacus will begin his 15th year with us.
I will be in my 11th year on the job that I still love doing. I will be looking forward to another March Madness. There will be another Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. There will be trials and tribulations, good times and bad, old friends fading away and new ones to take their places. In reality nothing really changes on a personal level. The combined effects of the time that we have already spent will become more apparent with each passing day regardless of what year it is.

People who use the excuse of this day as some type of new beginning are fooling themselves because today is nothing more than, as Oingo Boingo put it, just another day. Use today as a measuring point for your life, don’t let it define or limit you. Make the most of today and let everyone else fret over the year thing.

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