Dreamer's World January 22 2017 - Ignoring The World

One of the things that I have done for months now is to avoid the MSM and the news. My sanity is far more important than providing a ratings point for the MSM. To say that I no longer trust the MSM is an understatement. My distrust comes from the fact that they will NOT report on news, instead they do nothing but pump out INFOPORN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This is the reason we have a NAZI in charge of this nation today. All of the warning signs were there for everyone to see in plain sight, instead the MSM chose to report every single thing that wasn’t related to the NAZI and his positions, instead they followed his public relations machine like a puppy following a shiny ball.
So today was another day with no TV as far as news is concerned. I can no longer put any trust in what the MSM says, because all they care about are their own ratings. This does give me a sense of freedom, I am not nervously watching some INFOPORN that is designed to distract me from what is actually happening. I instead focus on the here and now, on Hal and The Stooges, and on things that I can have some degree of influence over.

This country is doomed without a real media. We have clearly reached that point.

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