Dreamer's World January 17 2017 - Daily Prompt "Invitation"

The Daily Prompt is “Invitation”. A word that signifies welcoming to a stranger or a friend, an opportunity to share something of ourselves with others. “Invitation” speaks of noble motivation and personal comfort that allows this invitation to be offered.
We live in a world where we are becoming more and more isolated each and every single day. We type at strangers, but we seldom talk to them if we see them on the street. We are all guilty of judging someone at first glance and forming our opinion instantly. The trouble with this approach to humanity is that we have already constructed obstacles that are seldom overcome. We justify this with the position that we are protecting ourselves from the unknown, and there is some validity to this point. However, the point has become an open-ended excuse to simply avoid the idea of ever issuing an “invitation” to someone else.
I know that there are people who view an invitation as a formal thing. While we all want to present our best face to someone, I am not a formal person in the sense that an invitation from me requires someone else to go out of their way to prepare for the event. That simply presents another false image of who we are in place of who we truly are.

An “Invitation” should be offered freely. It should not be withdrawn once offered, although if it is refused, that is another story. An “Invitation” is a way of reaching out to other people, and that makes it extremely valuable.

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