Dreamer's World January 10 2017 - Preparation Pays

When I was desperately ill last month I was trying to struggle with keeping up with work. I always try to stay a bit ahead on things, but feeling as awful as I did, I was afraid that I was falling behind. Today I will meet with my supervisor to review one of my ongoing projects. I was fearful when I began work this morning because I thought that the project was behind schedule due to my absence. Since I am the only person responsible for this project, the blame will rest entirely on me.
Imagine my surprise when I began filtering through my OneNote sections and found that I already had taken care of much more than I had ever thought possible. Most of the work was done prior to my illness when I had a few spare minutes here and there. I am no longer fearful about the meeting this afternoon.
The lesson from this is that when we take the time to plan ahead, even a little bit, it always ends up being a great thing. The pressure is not nearly as great as I thought it would be and that is because of the work that I had already put in when I had the extra time to do so. My day is already much better than expected.

I talked with Hal (person) and we will probably go to look at another apartment after I finish work this afternoon. The time frame for making a decision is still about 2 months away so we have plenty of time to get this decision right.

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