Dreamer's World January 29 2017 - How Did We Allow The 4th Reich To Come To Power

      How did we get here? How did this country get to the point where a NAZI is in power and is ruling by decree? We face a clear and present danger to this country right now, and that danger must be fought and overcome. I find it saly possible that enough people fell for the NAZI propaganda and actually voted for the lunatic, but when he shows his true nature I believe that resistance is the only possible alternative.
      My father fought against the NAZIS in World War II and he would be turning in his grave if he knew that we willingly put a NAZI in power here today! I could not blame him. His generation fought against these monsters and defeated them. Now we have them infesting our country and no one seems to care. That is the scariest part of what I see today, the fucking apathy about what is happening.
           How can we stop this? History shows us that only resistance and not caving in to the demands of NAZIS will ever have a chance of influencing them. We must refuse to follow their decrees and their laws. We must hold all politicians accountable, regardless of their party. If they willingly cooperate with the NAZI in any way, shape, or form, then they arew UNFIT to hold office and need to be voted out at the earliest opportunity.
      We need to take to the streets to protest the illegal and immoral actions of the NAZIS. We need to encourage resistance and disobedience on a daily basis. We need to communicate directly with each other and not rely on the untrustworthy media to get our message out.

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