Dreamer's World January 2 2017 - Daily Prompt -"Interior"

The Daily Prompt for today is “Interior”. It seems a simple enough concept on the surface, but as soon as I type that, I realize that the true meaning is within (pardon the pun) and that is what I decided to write about.
An interior is what we choose to make of it. It exists inside of whatever exterior we choose to project to the rest of the world. “Interior” is home. It is the place that we have where we feel safe and can relax and be ourselves. This blog itself is an example of “interior” thinking. It is the place where I choose what I will share with the world. It is the place that I construct that I allow others to see. By no means is this the complete “interior” portion of my life, think of it as a window into my “interior” if that helps.
“Interior” is something that we all have. It is a private place for each of us. No one should ever expect access to our “interior” without the most strenuous vetting. To be denied access should never mean rejection, at least that is how I perceive the situation to always be.

“Interior” is something personal. It is something beautiful. It is an extremely important place for each of us.

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