Dreamer's World January 28 2017 - A Time To Rest

I slept late this morning. It was only fair after spending several hours after work yesterday looking at apartments with Hal. Once again, we truly surprised ourselves by stumbling across a real gem of a place that might finally end the search. We found a townhouse-style apartment that will be available right around the time frame that we can finally move out of here.
The townhouse apartment is 2 bedroom and 2 bath layout with a private entrance from the first floor that leads to a staircase into the main level of the apartment on the second floor of the building. This is to accommodate garage units, but we aren’t interested in the extra cost of a garage ourselves. The place has a really nicely designed kitchen with lots of storage and it is open to the living and dining areas. The living and dining areas could be a bit larger but the floorplan is still nicely laid out. There is a full-size washer and dryer just off the kitchen, where they truly belong. In fact the only thing missing on the main floor would be a half-bath, but it isn’t a deal breaker for us.
The kitchen has a gas stove, which I love, and the living room also has a gas fireplace so things can be nice and warm in the cooler weather. Hal should have no problem mounting his tv over the fireplace to free up floor space.
Continuing up the staircase leads to the bedrooms and two full baths. One of the bathrooms actually has both a tub and shower separately, which is very rare in an apartment. The bathrooms are large and present no problem other than they are both on the second floor.
The bedroom are completely awesome. Both have cathedral ceilings with a large shelf that runs the length of the wall over the bedroom door for plenty of extra storage or as a place to put decorative items. Both bedrooms are very large and obviously feel huge with the cathedral ceilings. They are perfect.
Hal is the one making the decision on where to move because of the cost. Since he is retired, his income is fixed and we need a place that won’t strain his budget the way that this place now does. The real beauty of the place I described is that the rent alone will save us around $400 per month! This makes it seem likely that Hal would want to pursue this place further, but I only give him my opinion and let him make the call. The timing for this apartment is almost exactly when it would work for us. I have to wait to see if Hal is as interested as I am in the place because if he is, then we have to move quickly.

Obviously, after all that work and note-taking I was tired when we got home last night after dinner. I shifted my tax preparation appointment to this afternoon, so I plan to rest as much as I can before then. For a change, I will be the one insisting that we stay home this evening. I cannot think of anything that has to be done, or of anyplace that we have to go. We both can use the rest.