31 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 31 2016 Daily Prompt - Hopeful

I suppose that a word like “Hopeful” is a great choice for the last day of what has been a dreadful year. It is far too easy to look back in despair instead of looking forward to a better tomorrow at a time like this, but I will try.
The new year will mark the 17th anniversary for Hal (person) and myself being together. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long to be honest. My hope is that this will simply be the first of many more anniversaries that we will share with each other.
2017 will also mark the year that the Nazis finally came to power in America. I am hopeful that the vast majority of the American people will awaken to this danger and that this will lead to a new spirit of action and participation in our democracy, one which will replace the complacency that has brought us to this ruinous point.
I am hopeful that people will come together and realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences, and that only by working together can we move past this difficult time. I am hopeful that we will work to protect one another from the extremists that threaten us all, and that we will reject the mantra of hatred and mistrust that we now face.

We cannot turn back time. As tempting as it would be to not enter 2017 because of the threats that we face as mentioned above, but that isn’t possible. Besides, everyone is in agreement that 2016 has been a terrible year, and why would we want to remain stuck in this. The only hopeful thing to do is to prepare ourselves for the struggle and to emerge victorious.

Dreamer's World December 30 2016

Today was officially an early day at work. I am done for the day, the week, the month, and the year at work. Now I am putting together my plan for the rest of today and this evening. Sadly, there is nothing terribly exciting to report. The most exciting thing I have to do so far is go to the grocery store. Rather than feel sad about the lack of excitement, I prefer to look at things from the perspective of not being worried about anything this afternoon and of being fortunate enough to not have to worry about things.
Hal (person) is resting as his medication finally begins to take effect. I have honestly thought about a nap myself, but I think it can wait until after my trip to the grocery store. We are staying here at home tonight as well as tomorrow evening. The last thing that I need is to be out on the road tomorrow night surrounded by a bunch of idiots, several of whom will undoubtedly have had too much to drink and present a clear danger to themselves and others. Add to that the fact that every place around now wants to screw people out of their money by hosting some “special” New Year’s Eve event, and the reasons for staying at home are set.
We will be perfectly happy here at home with The Stooges. We are very fortunate to be safe and warm, and able to provide a home to The Stooges. This is no small accomplishment, and we are proud of what we have done here over our many years together. In fact, we will soon be celebrating our 17th anniversary together. It doesn’t seem possible at times that we have been together for so long, but there are still plenty of times when it feels like we just met as well. I think that happiness and variety are the keys to a successful relationship. Never taking each other for granted nor allowing ourselves to become bored means that we are always finding new ways to communicate and make sure that the love stays alive. Add The Stooges to that equation, and things will always work out.
I made my trip to the store and actually saw and felt snow falling from a mostly sunny sky. There was a dark cloud that caused the offending snowflakes and the surprised look shared by myself and others. This area is notorious for over-reacting to the mere mention of the word “snow” so I was surprised that there were not multiple accidents in the grocery store parking lot as a result of the snowflakes.

After returning home I began to do laundry. With some luck, I will be able to finish all of it by bedtime this evening, at least that is my plan right now. It feels good to be here at home and to know that there is nowhere else that I really need to go to.

30 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 29 2016 - Good News For A Change

Yesterday was a busy day for me. In addition to my ongoing recovery from the flu and an upper respiratory infection, I traveled to the client’s office in the morning. Thankfully, most of the people were out of the office and I didn’t have to worry as much about what might happen if I was around someone else who might be sick. The informal meeting went very well, there was plenty of concern expressed about how I was doing and well wishes for the recovery.
In the afternoon, right after work, I went to the doctor for the follow-up visit regarding all the troubles I have been experiencing as well as to get the results of the blood work that was drawn during my appointment last week. The blood draw was a part of my regular diabetic care routine, and I was afraid that the numbers would be all screwed up as a result of how I felt that particular day. To my astonishment, my numbers were in excellent condition! I was completely stunned by that news, I had fully expected to request another round of blood work after I completed my recovery.
In addition to that good news, my recovery is in full swing now. I feel so much better than I did at this time last week and now my focus is on Hal (person) who has continued to struggle with the same flu and upper respiratory infection that laid me out so severely. His doctor did NOT prescribe any medication and I find that criminally negligible, to be honest. This afternoon I am taking Hal to see that doctor once again. I will not enter his office both to protect myself and to prevent me from really unloading on Hal’s doctor about his decisions involving Hal’s care.
My doctor told me yesterday, upon hearing about the trouble that Hal is having, that he would gladly accept Hal as a new patient provided that his insurance is accepted with his office. When I told Hal about this, he seemed interested in making the switch to my doctor. I hope that he follows through on this. I am still worried about him, although he is slightly better over the past 2 days, there is NO REASON he should ever have been allowed to go through this in the first place!
Having said all that, I have to remain focused on the good news and that is I am recovering and my overall health is good. I cannot describe the relief that I felt yesterday when I got that news. My goal now is to maintain the practices and habits that have brought me to this point in order to maintain things and hopefully improve them as time goes on. One thing that is easy to improve upon is to drink more water each day. I can manage that without too much trouble.
The middle of the day has arrived. I have conducted my weekly meeting via conference call and now the rest of the afternoon will be quiet until I take Hal to his doctor appointment.

After I took Hal to his appointment, we had to go to multiple CVS locations until we found one that had the antibiotics he needed (finally) available. Even with that, filling his prescription took several hours and it wasn’t completed until nearly 1900 in the evening. I hope that he will get better quickly like I did.

27 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 27 2016

This is the morning when I am returning to work after my illness. I am still weak but I feel much better overall. I go for my follow-up visit with the doctor tomorrow afternoon and I won’t be surprised if my blood work was all messed up last week because I was so sick.
At least there will be no tedious meetings this week to drain the energy that I have. I am already going through all of the emails that piled up while I was out, and that will take most of the morning. I will have to work with the company to correct my timesheet for last pay period as well in order to get paid on time, but I think that won’t be a problem given the circumstances.
I hope that Hal (person) feels better today. It things work out we are going to get out of the apartment this afternoon to get some fresh air and try to recharge our inner batteries after the last week of pure shit. I don’t think that I was ever as sick as I was last week, I am still somewhat surprised that I was not put in the hospital to be honest, but the main thing is that I feel better now and can work on getting my strength back.

I wish that I had been more consistent with my blog, but I simply could not find the energy to write. I am still in a funk as far as something to write about, perhaps that will sort itself out now that I am feeling better. I did start my walking this morning, and I will get in as much as I can today and try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

24 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 24 2016 - Peace And Love

I am looking out of the window on this rainy Xmas Eve morning and noticing the extra traffic. I wonder how many of those vehicles are filled with people stressing out over this last day to shop before tomorrow. There is a mall less than a mile away and it has been extremely busy this season, at least judging from the parking lot. I personally don’t do the holiday shopping thing, nor do I care to watch other people act like rats in a controlled experiment as they run from store to store in search of some stimuli.
Since both Hal (person) and I are recovering from respiratory infections, we have spent the last week here at home. We have had no need to be out shopping. We have what we need here. We have enough, we don’t need more. The Stooges are happy and know that they are loved. Gifts are a thing of the past because I feel that time is the greatest gift that we can give to each other, not things.
Fortunately, I am feeling much better today than I have in over a week. Hal’s recovery is a few days behind mine, so I am keeping an eye on him. He believes that I am smothering him, after nearly 17 years I wonder why that surprises him still. If I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t be with him at all, let alone caring for him when he is under the weather.

At any rate, I am still watching the traffic navigate through the rain and thinking how thankful I am to be here, warm and safe at this time of year. We should never take things for granted, we should cherish each moment, the good and the bad. The good moments will always sustain us, and the bad moments will always remind us of how far we have come.

Dreamer's World December 24 2016 - Holiday And Missing Friends

This holiday is rather unusual for Hal (person) and myself. For the first time in 14 years, we have not had the chance to spend the holidays with our close friends. This year has been one of change for them, and that has necessitated travel for them. There is nothing bad happening, but their lives are getting ready for a big change in the coming year. It will be physically impossible for us to spend the holidays with them next year, or for the foreseeable future. When someone moves far away, the relationship that is special cannot be damaged, but the contact will obviously be less than desired.
It would be incredibly selfish to wish that they would stay close by. It is their life and they have to do what they know is right. We realize that their decision is in no way a reflection on our relationship, and we support them 100% because that is what friends do for one another.
On the other hand, it will be a real adjustment for us to no longer know that holidays will be spent together, except on very rare occasions with lots of advanced planning. When Hal and I moved to DC in 2002, we established contact with these friends and have been close ever since. No amount of support will make their absence any easier to take, but we will go on loving them as much as we always have, and know that the feeling is mutual.
I wish that we had known of these changes at this time last year so we could have marked the holidays of 2015 with more meaning than usual. As things have worked out, that was the last time we will spend the holidays together for a long time. Perhaps it happened this way for the best of reasons, their immediate family obligations for this year came first and we respect that. We won’t have the chance to have an overly emotional last event with them, and we have to accept that and look at it in the best possible light. Our last memories will be happy and normal ones, not marred by the sense of impending change.
Everything will work itself out, it always does. Our friendship will never die, distance cannot change it. The world is a small place to stay in touch with loved ones and friends, and we know that these are friends who will keep those promises. Hal and I have talked about it and we agree that we will move forward and do the best that we possibly can, Friends like these cannot be replaced, nor will we ever attempt to.

The lack of a real last holiday get-together is perhaps the most fitting thing, as I mentioned earlier. The emotions would have been stronger than usual, and the best attempts to dance around the truth would have simply been awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. It was a normal and happy time together last year, and that is a wonderful way to remember things. The old saying goes “The only thing that is constant is change”, and this year is proving that it is very true. We will all do the very best that we can, and things will work out for the best if we don’t try to fuck with them too much.

23 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 23 2016

    The week before Xmas has been one that I never want to repeat. After dealing with the seasonal crud for over a week, I finally had a major attack of the shit and ended up seeing my doctor. Not only was I suffering from the seasonal flu (NEVER TAKING THE GODDAMN FLU SHOT AGAIN), I also had developed an upper respiratory infection. My doctor told me that if I had not seen him for another 48 hours, he would have sent me directly to the hospital. Instead, he prescribed industrial antibiotics for the infection and some industrial medication for the flu. That all happened to me on Tuesday. I am feeling better today, but not back to full strength by any means.
Things got even worse when Hal got sick and he went to see his own doctor yesterday (Thursday) and was given the exact same diagnosis as I had received. We are both trying to fight this shit off with the help of medication, but this has ruined the entire week for the both of us. I have missed 4 days at work, and that is saying a lot about how I felt because I work from home!
After the first day on medication, I slept for nearly 18 hours. I wish that I could manage that again because I am still exhausted right now. Hal (person) feels the same, so at least we don’t have to wonder what the other is going through with this shit. Hopefully we will also get over it at the same time, but if there has to be a variance, I hope that he gets better first simply because I love him that much.
Xmas was not going to be a big deal here before we got sick. Now it means nothing at all, just a day when we can rest and try to feel better. Since this is Friday, I will try to get to the grocery store if I can to pick up enough items to carry us through the weekend and the holiday. Nothing major, probably lots of frozen entrees to have here and some fresh fruit as well.
The Stooges have been wonderful through all of this. They can sense that neither Hal (person) or I have been feeling well, and as a result, we each have our constant companions with us to watch and monitor us. They take turns moving between us in order to stay alert, or so it seems to us. We couldn’t ask for better friends than The Stooges when we feel bad.

If nothing else, I want to rest today and continue to recover from what has easily been the worst week that I can remember in a very long time.

20 December 2016

4th Reich?

This is how tyranny begins: Why will President Donald Trump continue to hold rallies? http://flip.it/96KrwM

16 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 16 2016 - The Denial Of Truth, And The Power Of Ignorance

It is disconcerting to see how far people will go to defend their positions once they are established when it comes to issues like Equality, Fairness and Justice. The last election proves this point by showing how people will knowingly choose an option that will damage their own self-interest in the failed pursuit of some vague ideological purity. The fact that so many Americans could never accept that a Black Man has been President for the last 8 years has driven them beyond the point at which they could see things rationally or objectively. Instead, these people have resorted to the “safe” option of ideological purity. That is to say that they will reject anything that has been associated with the President simply based on the fact that he HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT.
This is the equivalent of a 3-year old throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted and they feel that everyone and everything should bend to their whims and desires. It is a SELFISH point of view that is immature and dangerous. This system of delusion is purposely fed by people who only want to obtain and to maintain power. Fear is a key component of these lies, and it is a very powerful weapon.
Because fear relies on ignorance, it should come as no surprise that the RWNJ lunatics openly show their disdain for education other than the type in which children are taught not to think, but only to memorize. They do not want children to grow into adults capable of critical thinking, they only want children who will grown into adults believing everything that they are told by those in power.
I do NOT find it surprising that RWNJ have a man-crush on Putin, he is what they want our leaders to become and that is strongmen without morals or guidelines other than to maintain their grip on power. Democracy and representative government are enemies of this thinking because TRUTH is their enemy. The casual way in which RWNJ refer to “putting others in their place” should be an alarm bell ringing to alert us of the danger. Some of us hear this quite clearly, but others are deaf to it because it fits with their own distorted view of the world. These are the people who willingly ignore TRUTH and treasure their own IGNORANCE.
Fake News is just the tip of the iceberg. It has nurtured the HATRED of these people for so long. It comforts them and assures them that they are somehow the guardians of some kind of fucked-up version of the truth and that they will triumph because they are supposedly destined to according to some fucked up spaghetti monster in the sky type of thing.
Let’s face it, thinking is hard work but it beats the hell out of being a sheep to some malevolent leader by surrendering our power to think and to criticize and to analyze the world around us. THe evidence seems to point out that too many people don’t want to be bothered with thinking. They want to be spoon-fed infoporn and propaganda as they watch the world pass them by from their shelters, too afraid to be a part of it because the very existence of the world itself proves that their beliefs are wrong. They do not see people who disagree with them as anything other than enemies, not as people with the same rights as they have.

Thus, IGNORANCE is power and LIES are STRENGTH in this RWNJ bizarro world that we are facing now

12 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 12 2016

After a night of very little sleep, I am feeling like crap once again this morning. I stayed at home all weekend in order to try to fight off this crud, but even though I felt better, apparently it isn’t done with me yet. On this cold and rainy morning I will have to find time to get to the pharmacy for some BG test strips since I am nearly out, as well as getting some cat food for The Stooges. Today is the client’s annual holiday party, but I have already emailed in my regrets about not being able to attend. This sucks because I already paid the $25 to help cover the cost, but I would have no business going since I feel so awful this morning.
And that is the state of things as this MOnday morning commences. I will do what I can at work, and I won’t actually call in sick unless I simply cannot go on any longer. I doubt that there will be too much excitement at work today, but I will be wary of diving into problems simply because I am interested or available due to how I am feeling. I will give 100%, but I am not sure yet if I can maintain that level all day.
Hal (person) is awake now and he has promised to get to the store if I am not able to later in the day. I am just finishing breakfast (oatmeal) and trying to feel better. The sad part is that I won’t really trust feeling better until it lasts for more than part of a day. This crud is no joke, it has now been about a week that I have felt off in one way or another. The decision to stay here today rather than to go to the party looks better and better with each passing minute. I know that what I really need is more rest and I make this promise that I will not stay up late until this is finally over with. Over the weekend, I stayed up later than I should have and I know that is costing me to some degree this morning in addition to the awful crud feeling.
In less than 2 hours at work, I have already been to the little sailor’s room 4 times. Definitely a good idea to not go to the party this afternoon! I am still going to try and make my way through the day here until normal quitting time. The last sentence proved to be rather optimistic. I am feeling crappy once again and it isn’t even lunchtime yet. I just want to go back to bed after a nice long hot shower. If I don’t feel better, that is exactly what I am going to do.
Hal is getting ready to go to the store. I am grateful for him every single day, but on a day when I feel so awful, it is nice to know that he is here for me. The Stooges are staying close to me since they can sense that I am not feeling well. I have always known that animals can sense things with people in ways that we will never understand.
I have to think about what to have for lunch soon. The idea isn’t that appealing to me right now for obvious reasons, but I know that I must have something to eat to regulate my BG. As Hal is still out, I am skipping lunch until he returns. Now, the afternoon cycle of meetings will begin.
Hal brought back some orange juice to try and help me feel better. I will drink a small glass in order to not spike my BG. At least the first meeting is over with. I have a short break before the next one begins.
As the workday winds down, I am really looking forward to a nap and some quiet time in order to get my strength back. I am annoyed with feeling sick and want to feel better tomorrow without any complications.

As the evening settles in, I am feeling somewhat better and I will try my best to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. I hope that I feel much better tomorrow, and that none of you come down with this crud. If you already have, I know that we will get through this together.

09 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 8 2016 - Feeling Better

Right after work, I finally did what I kept promising myself I would do. I went to bed and slept for over 3 hours and this is extremely unusual for me. I woke up and found that a good friend who follows my blog had posted to say that she hoped I felt better and also to talk about her experiences in looking at houses and places to live when it comes to kitchens and space. It made me feel great to know that she had read my post from earlier. I believe that each of us who writes secretly craves interaction, and hers came at exactly the right time. Thank you Xena.
When it comes to finding a place to live, she mentioned the difficulties in finding a place that has a real kitchen, and not just a small, cramped space. I couldn’t agree more with her. In fact, that has been one of the key factors as Hal (person) and I look at potential new apartments for the Spring. Too many of the places have almost no storage space, and two adults cannot be in the space at the same time. So far, we have found a few places that meet our requirements, but it is sad that there are not more.
I love to cook, but I hate being in a space like we have now, a galley kitchen that is physically isolated from the rest of the living space. This is one reason that I do not cook more right now. The other problem is that we have pots and pans and food containers scattered in closets because there is not enough storage space in this kitchen. I have told Hal that correcting this is one of the top priorities I have as we look at new places.
I would love to have a gas stove once again, but they are becoming harder and harder to find in apartments these days. I hate to sound spoiled, but if I cannot have gas, at least I would like to find an upgrade that includes the glass top oven because they are far easier to keep clean.

Eventually we will find the place that is right for the two of us. Looking well in advance means that we can focus on the places that meet our criteria and not thinking that we might have missed a great option somewhere. We are confident that we will find the right place when the time comes.

08 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 8 2016

Yesterday the new Google WiFi system arrived. I finished work for the day and then Hal (person) and I went to look at another apartment. Sadly, as nice as the apartment was, the kitchen was a disaster area in which 2 adults could not pass side by side. This meant that the apartment would not make our list of ones to keep an eye on as Spring approaches.
After checking out the apartment, we went to dinner and then stopped at Best Buy to let the rush hour traffic calm down before driving back home. It took approximately an hour to get back and I was already tired by the time we hit the door.
I made up my mind that I was going to set up the Google WiFi no matter what, so I unboxed it and went through the process. It took about 20 minutes for all the access points to come online and to get them connected before the software updates began. The setup was really rather painless, and within an hour everything was all taken care of.

After that adventure, I prepared for bed knowing that Thursday would be here far too soon. I want to complete as much as possible at work and leave on time this afternoon so I can try to get some sleep. The allergies/sinus/crud continues to wear me down this week. I keep hoping to get a great night of sleep but the congestion always prevents that from happening. This morning I am shivering because I am so cold, but the heat is turned on in here. I just need some rest. 1530 cannot get here soon enough.

03 December 2016

Dreamer's World December 02 2016

There are times when writing just doesn’t get done. I hate these times, but I have learned to accept them as I wait for the resulting deluge of writing that always results. The last few weeks have been extremely hectic around here as things with the company close out for our reporting period, and I had to make extra time for reporting on my progress against my stated goals. I then had to take the time to develop some new and achievable goals for the next 4 months and get them submitted and approved. In addition to those things, there was the normal workload to deal with, sandwiched between the endless meetings that eat up so much time each day. I had several posts written, but when I read through them I realized how bad they really were. I don’t want to post things here that are unreadable, and those posts certainly qualified.
As the end of the week arrives, things are finally slowing down. I will pick up my new Pixel XL phone from Project Fi this morning and get it set up and I am really looking forward to that. It is my gift to myself. I remember about 6 months ago when I decided to give Project Fi a chance. I have loved the service, and I decided that I was going to upgrade my phone at the first opportunity. The Nexus 5X has performed very well, but I am ready for a larger screen and more importantly, a larger battery so I won’t be carrying around a portable battery and charging cable all day.

I can take the time to explore the new phone today because I have caught up with everything after such a busy few weeks. In addition to the new phone arriving, the local team is having a late lunch this afternoon to start the weekend off right, and I am looking forward to that as well. Since it was my turn to organize the meeting, I selected a local Indian restaurant that is one of my personal favorites. I checked with everyone to make sure that there was no objection to Indian cuisine before finalizing things, so there should be no problems.
My back continues to act up. I had another chiropractor appointment yesterday and afterwards I came home and slept for nearly 5 hours. I am trying to find the right combination of stretching exercises to keep it from tightening up so badly between appointments. I am also being very careful about working out because the last thing I want to do is make my back worse in any way. I am hoping that I can deal with this without resorting to any medicine, I prefer the holistic approach.
The lunch was terrific. Afterwards, I came home to pick up Hal (person) and we went to look at 2 apartments that we hadn’t seen before. Sadly, neither of them will make the list, but it never hurts to look around. After a nice dinner we came home and rested for the evening.

24 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 24 2016 - A Quiet Holiday

    For the first time in years, Hal (person) and I are spending Thanksgiving Day here at home with just The Stooges for company. There is nothing wrong and everyone is OK, but plans with friends who we normally get together with were changed this year. Rather than feel upset about this, I am actually happy for the change. I did all the cooking yesterday and that means we don’t have a ton of chaos in our small kitchen today.
We actually started our Thanksgiving last night with the first serving of the meal that I had prepared. It was delicious, roast beef with potatoes, onions and green peppers, stuffing, green bean casserole, salad and wine. I actually just cleaned up from our second helping for lunch (minus the wine) and within 5 minutes the kitchen was clean once again. Hal (person) has gone to take a nap and I am listening to music by Antonin Dvorak as I type this and feeling absolutely wonderful about today.
I am technically back at work tomorrow, but I will be there mainly to provide any support that users of our product might require. This is highly unlikely since most of the customers will also be on vacation tomorrow. This will mean a very slow day, but with my new schedule, Friday is the day that I get off work early anyway, so by 1430 at the latest I will be starting my weekend.
We have no plans to take part in the annual Black Friday madness. While there are things that I would certainly think about if they were on sale, I would still not get out into the chaos to pick them up when I can order them online and have them delivered. Since I am currently waiting on my new Pixel XL phone, I really don’t have that much extra to spend anyway. According to the order statement, the phone should be here by 30 November, so all I can do is wait for it.
Another advantage to enjoying a quiet holiday here at home is avoiding any and all political talk, or listening to people repeat the infoporn that the MSM shits into their brains. The TV has been off all day and it is after 1300 now. I suppose that I might watch some football later, but even that is not guaranteed right now because I am enjoying the music and writing so much. After a quick attempt at watching football, I gave up and returned to writing and listening to music for the afternoon. It is just more peaceful and relaxing this way.

I hope that the rest of the day and evening are this enjoyable. I hope that everyone will find some peace in their lives, even for just a little while because it does wonders for you.

23 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 23 2016

The last day before Thanksgiving is here. I began cooking last night with the roast. It is in the crockpot along with potatoes, onions and green peppers. I normally cook a roast in the crockpot for about 20-24 hours so it will be ready by this evening to sample. I will make a casserole today and also the stuffing and a few other items. We will begin our feast this evening since there is no need to wait for Thursday to start. The day at work will be quiet and short. One of the advantages to working from home is that I can get things started in the kitchen without any trouble.
An unexpected surprise yesterday was that I finally was able to order my Google Pixel XL phone. I have been checking availability for weeks and last night it finally showed up. I got the silver XL with 128GB of storage and I am really looking forward to it arriving hopefully before the 28th of this month, which is the projected earliest delivery date. If it arrives a day or two later, I will still be happy. I am remaining with Project Fi. I haven’t written much about it recently because it has been so trouble-free to use. I still recommend it to my friends and acquaintances.
I did spend over 2 hours on the phone last night talking to a cousin of mine who still lives in Kentucky. She is 85 years old and still going strong. It is worth noting that most of our conversation centered on UK Basketball because practically everyone in Kentucky is a UK fan. Since there is a game on today at 1300, I plan to be watching as I make my way through the afternoon at work.
I have to make sure that Hal (person) gets off to work this morning since I am not traveling to meet with the client. There will be no meeting today since so many people have taken the day off, and that suits me just fine. Normally, I leave early on the morning on Wednesday and Hal takes off for work before I return home.
The traffic outside the window is extremely light this morning, which comes as no surprise since most people have taken today off in order to make a really long weekend. I am saving my vacation time for the spring, or in case I need a mental health day sometime. Soon I will have built back up to 80 hours which is the level I try to maintain as much as possible. I find that I can get things done when I work while most people take time off since it eliminates the distractions that normally ruin my concentration every day.
And right on cue, my back spasms are beginning again. At least I avoided the discomfort in my sciatic nerve while I was busy doing all the work in the kitchen earlier today. I will take it slowly this afternoon and prepare the stuffing later on before dinner. I can at least relax and try to stretch out to relieve the pain in my lower back as well.
As soon as work was over with, I prepared the last of the side dishes and then took a much-needed nap. When I woke up a few hours later it was time to have our Thanksgiving dinner a bit early. The roast beef with onions and potatoes and green peppers, stuffing and green bean casserole turned out very well and Hal was pleasantly surprised. We washed dinner down with a nice bottle of wine and then curled up on the couch to watch a movie. As I get ready for bed, I pronounce today a complete success.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

22 November 2016

Dreamer's World November 22 2016 - Echoes Of The Past In The Present

It was 53 years ago that JFK was assassinated in Dallas. I had not been born yet, but Mom was pregnant with me. I was told years later that she was so upset by the event that she was afraid that she would lose me. I remember her telling me that her doctor told her that she had to stop watching the constant coverage of the assassination on the media. Perhaps it is the echoes of that which led me to give up completely on the media in this country today.
I gave up on the media on my own last Summer. All doubt had been removed about the media being complicit in the election cycle first by completely ignoring the Democrats screwing Bernie over, and second by their sycophantic drooling over every syllable trump said without fact-checking or reporting it for what it was. The media is nothing more than the corporate arm of the power structure, and its only reason for existing is to maintain the status quo. Anything that fails to meet with the approval of the power structure is ignored or presented in such a slanted way as to deliver opinion and not information.
Currently, there is a real struggle going on over the Dakota pipeline. If you depend on the media for your infoporn, you would never know this. The only coverage is provided when the authorities and their hired goons have provoked a response from the people who are legitimately protesting. This is the same psychologically manipulative scenario that the media uses all the time. Authority cannot be questioned, at least that event cannot be covered. But let one thing go wrong, and the media instantly leaps to the defense of the power structure and instantly takes the side of the establishment. This scenario has been successful when used against BLM in particular, but the pattern is the same whenever the power structure and corporate masters are threatened.
I have tried to discuss events like the Dakota pipeline with people but I find that they either know nothing about it, or that they parrot the pro-establishment points that the media drip feeds into their comatose brains. We have become a nation of sheep, ready to follow the lead of the establishment down whatever path they choose to the abattoir. Look the word up if it confuses you while you still can.
When we have a media that is totally complicit with the power structure, we do not have a true media. When there are people on the media show main goal is to just be on TV, we have no information, just propaganda. When there is NO dissenting voice to be heard, we have NO FREEDOM.
Why do you think that so many people hate the media? They are unable to trust it. trump uses this distrust to rail against the media itself, which I find hilarious because without the compliant media he would not be on the verge of being President. The stupidity is staggering, but not surprising because we are a notion of FUCKING SHEEP now. Independent thinking is discouraged at every level. Children are taught only to pass tests, not how to think and form original thoughts, because original thoughts are dangerous to the power structure. People who can think also pose a threat to the media because they will be the first to throw the BULLSHIT flag when they see it.

The media wants compliance, not information. That is in line with their assigned role in the power structure. If you want to free your mind and see what really goes on, TURN OFF YOUR TV.