Dreamer's World December 24 2016 - Peace And Love

I am looking out of the window on this rainy Xmas Eve morning and noticing the extra traffic. I wonder how many of those vehicles are filled with people stressing out over this last day to shop before tomorrow. There is a mall less than a mile away and it has been extremely busy this season, at least judging from the parking lot. I personally don’t do the holiday shopping thing, nor do I care to watch other people act like rats in a controlled experiment as they run from store to store in search of some stimuli.
Since both Hal (person) and I are recovering from respiratory infections, we have spent the last week here at home. We have had no need to be out shopping. We have what we need here. We have enough, we don’t need more. The Stooges are happy and know that they are loved. Gifts are a thing of the past because I feel that time is the greatest gift that we can give to each other, not things.
Fortunately, I am feeling much better today than I have in over a week. Hal’s recovery is a few days behind mine, so I am keeping an eye on him. He believes that I am smothering him, after nearly 17 years I wonder why that surprises him still. If I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t be with him at all, let alone caring for him when he is under the weather.

At any rate, I am still watching the traffic navigate through the rain and thinking how thankful I am to be here, warm and safe at this time of year. We should never take things for granted, we should cherish each moment, the good and the bad. The good moments will always sustain us, and the bad moments will always remind us of how far we have come.

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