Dreamer's World December 27 2016

This is the morning when I am returning to work after my illness. I am still weak but I feel much better overall. I go for my follow-up visit with the doctor tomorrow afternoon and I won’t be surprised if my blood work was all messed up last week because I was so sick.
At least there will be no tedious meetings this week to drain the energy that I have. I am already going through all of the emails that piled up while I was out, and that will take most of the morning. I will have to work with the company to correct my timesheet for last pay period as well in order to get paid on time, but I think that won’t be a problem given the circumstances.
I hope that Hal (person) feels better today. It things work out we are going to get out of the apartment this afternoon to get some fresh air and try to recharge our inner batteries after the last week of pure shit. I don’t think that I was ever as sick as I was last week, I am still somewhat surprised that I was not put in the hospital to be honest, but the main thing is that I feel better now and can work on getting my strength back.

I wish that I had been more consistent with my blog, but I simply could not find the energy to write. I am still in a funk as far as something to write about, perhaps that will sort itself out now that I am feeling better. I did start my walking this morning, and I will get in as much as I can today and try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

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