Dreamer's World December 12 2016

After a night of very little sleep, I am feeling like crap once again this morning. I stayed at home all weekend in order to try to fight off this crud, but even though I felt better, apparently it isn’t done with me yet. On this cold and rainy morning I will have to find time to get to the pharmacy for some BG test strips since I am nearly out, as well as getting some cat food for The Stooges. Today is the client’s annual holiday party, but I have already emailed in my regrets about not being able to attend. This sucks because I already paid the $25 to help cover the cost, but I would have no business going since I feel so awful this morning.
And that is the state of things as this MOnday morning commences. I will do what I can at work, and I won’t actually call in sick unless I simply cannot go on any longer. I doubt that there will be too much excitement at work today, but I will be wary of diving into problems simply because I am interested or available due to how I am feeling. I will give 100%, but I am not sure yet if I can maintain that level all day.
Hal (person) is awake now and he has promised to get to the store if I am not able to later in the day. I am just finishing breakfast (oatmeal) and trying to feel better. The sad part is that I won’t really trust feeling better until it lasts for more than part of a day. This crud is no joke, it has now been about a week that I have felt off in one way or another. The decision to stay here today rather than to go to the party looks better and better with each passing minute. I know that what I really need is more rest and I make this promise that I will not stay up late until this is finally over with. Over the weekend, I stayed up later than I should have and I know that is costing me to some degree this morning in addition to the awful crud feeling.
In less than 2 hours at work, I have already been to the little sailor’s room 4 times. Definitely a good idea to not go to the party this afternoon! I am still going to try and make my way through the day here until normal quitting time. The last sentence proved to be rather optimistic. I am feeling crappy once again and it isn’t even lunchtime yet. I just want to go back to bed after a nice long hot shower. If I don’t feel better, that is exactly what I am going to do.
Hal is getting ready to go to the store. I am grateful for him every single day, but on a day when I feel so awful, it is nice to know that he is here for me. The Stooges are staying close to me since they can sense that I am not feeling well. I have always known that animals can sense things with people in ways that we will never understand.
I have to think about what to have for lunch soon. The idea isn’t that appealing to me right now for obvious reasons, but I know that I must have something to eat to regulate my BG. As Hal is still out, I am skipping lunch until he returns. Now, the afternoon cycle of meetings will begin.
Hal brought back some orange juice to try and help me feel better. I will drink a small glass in order to not spike my BG. At least the first meeting is over with. I have a short break before the next one begins.
As the workday winds down, I am really looking forward to a nap and some quiet time in order to get my strength back. I am annoyed with feeling sick and want to feel better tomorrow without any complications.

As the evening settles in, I am feeling somewhat better and I will try my best to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. I hope that I feel much better tomorrow, and that none of you come down with this crud. If you already have, I know that we will get through this together.

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