Dreamer's World December 8 2016

Yesterday the new Google WiFi system arrived. I finished work for the day and then Hal (person) and I went to look at another apartment. Sadly, as nice as the apartment was, the kitchen was a disaster area in which 2 adults could not pass side by side. This meant that the apartment would not make our list of ones to keep an eye on as Spring approaches.
After checking out the apartment, we went to dinner and then stopped at Best Buy to let the rush hour traffic calm down before driving back home. It took approximately an hour to get back and I was already tired by the time we hit the door.
I made up my mind that I was going to set up the Google WiFi no matter what, so I unboxed it and went through the process. It took about 20 minutes for all the access points to come online and to get them connected before the software updates began. The setup was really rather painless, and within an hour everything was all taken care of.

After that adventure, I prepared for bed knowing that Thursday would be here far too soon. I want to complete as much as possible at work and leave on time this afternoon so I can try to get some sleep. The allergies/sinus/crud continues to wear me down this week. I keep hoping to get a great night of sleep but the congestion always prevents that from happening. This morning I am shivering because I am so cold, but the heat is turned on in here. I just need some rest. 1530 cannot get here soon enough.

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