Dreamer's World December 16 2016 - The Denial Of Truth, And The Power Of Ignorance

It is disconcerting to see how far people will go to defend their positions once they are established when it comes to issues like Equality, Fairness and Justice. The last election proves this point by showing how people will knowingly choose an option that will damage their own self-interest in the failed pursuit of some vague ideological purity. The fact that so many Americans could never accept that a Black Man has been President for the last 8 years has driven them beyond the point at which they could see things rationally or objectively. Instead, these people have resorted to the “safe” option of ideological purity. That is to say that they will reject anything that has been associated with the President simply based on the fact that he HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT.
This is the equivalent of a 3-year old throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get exactly what they wanted and they feel that everyone and everything should bend to their whims and desires. It is a SELFISH point of view that is immature and dangerous. This system of delusion is purposely fed by people who only want to obtain and to maintain power. Fear is a key component of these lies, and it is a very powerful weapon.
Because fear relies on ignorance, it should come as no surprise that the RWNJ lunatics openly show their disdain for education other than the type in which children are taught not to think, but only to memorize. They do not want children to grow into adults capable of critical thinking, they only want children who will grown into adults believing everything that they are told by those in power.
I do NOT find it surprising that RWNJ have a man-crush on Putin, he is what they want our leaders to become and that is strongmen without morals or guidelines other than to maintain their grip on power. Democracy and representative government are enemies of this thinking because TRUTH is their enemy. The casual way in which RWNJ refer to “putting others in their place” should be an alarm bell ringing to alert us of the danger. Some of us hear this quite clearly, but others are deaf to it because it fits with their own distorted view of the world. These are the people who willingly ignore TRUTH and treasure their own IGNORANCE.
Fake News is just the tip of the iceberg. It has nurtured the HATRED of these people for so long. It comforts them and assures them that they are somehow the guardians of some kind of fucked-up version of the truth and that they will triumph because they are supposedly destined to according to some fucked up spaghetti monster in the sky type of thing.
Let’s face it, thinking is hard work but it beats the hell out of being a sheep to some malevolent leader by surrendering our power to think and to criticize and to analyze the world around us. THe evidence seems to point out that too many people don’t want to be bothered with thinking. They want to be spoon-fed infoporn and propaganda as they watch the world pass them by from their shelters, too afraid to be a part of it because the very existence of the world itself proves that their beliefs are wrong. They do not see people who disagree with them as anything other than enemies, not as people with the same rights as they have.

Thus, IGNORANCE is power and LIES are STRENGTH in this RWNJ bizarro world that we are facing now