Dreamer's World December 31 2016 Daily Prompt - Hopeful

I suppose that a word like “Hopeful” is a great choice for the last day of what has been a dreadful year. It is far too easy to look back in despair instead of looking forward to a better tomorrow at a time like this, but I will try.
The new year will mark the 17th anniversary for Hal (person) and myself being together. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long to be honest. My hope is that this will simply be the first of many more anniversaries that we will share with each other.
2017 will also mark the year that the Nazis finally came to power in America. I am hopeful that the vast majority of the American people will awaken to this danger and that this will lead to a new spirit of action and participation in our democracy, one which will replace the complacency that has brought us to this ruinous point.
I am hopeful that people will come together and realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences, and that only by working together can we move past this difficult time. I am hopeful that we will work to protect one another from the extremists that threaten us all, and that we will reject the mantra of hatred and mistrust that we now face.

We cannot turn back time. As tempting as it would be to not enter 2017 because of the threats that we face as mentioned above, but that isn’t possible. Besides, everyone is in agreement that 2016 has been a terrible year, and why would we want to remain stuck in this. The only hopeful thing to do is to prepare ourselves for the struggle and to emerge victorious.

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