Dreamer's World December 29 2016 - Good News For A Change

Yesterday was a busy day for me. In addition to my ongoing recovery from the flu and an upper respiratory infection, I traveled to the client’s office in the morning. Thankfully, most of the people were out of the office and I didn’t have to worry as much about what might happen if I was around someone else who might be sick. The informal meeting went very well, there was plenty of concern expressed about how I was doing and well wishes for the recovery.
In the afternoon, right after work, I went to the doctor for the follow-up visit regarding all the troubles I have been experiencing as well as to get the results of the blood work that was drawn during my appointment last week. The blood draw was a part of my regular diabetic care routine, and I was afraid that the numbers would be all screwed up as a result of how I felt that particular day. To my astonishment, my numbers were in excellent condition! I was completely stunned by that news, I had fully expected to request another round of blood work after I completed my recovery.
In addition to that good news, my recovery is in full swing now. I feel so much better than I did at this time last week and now my focus is on Hal (person) who has continued to struggle with the same flu and upper respiratory infection that laid me out so severely. His doctor did NOT prescribe any medication and I find that criminally negligible, to be honest. This afternoon I am taking Hal to see that doctor once again. I will not enter his office both to protect myself and to prevent me from really unloading on Hal’s doctor about his decisions involving Hal’s care.
My doctor told me yesterday, upon hearing about the trouble that Hal is having, that he would gladly accept Hal as a new patient provided that his insurance is accepted with his office. When I told Hal about this, he seemed interested in making the switch to my doctor. I hope that he follows through on this. I am still worried about him, although he is slightly better over the past 2 days, there is NO REASON he should ever have been allowed to go through this in the first place!
Having said all that, I have to remain focused on the good news and that is I am recovering and my overall health is good. I cannot describe the relief that I felt yesterday when I got that news. My goal now is to maintain the practices and habits that have brought me to this point in order to maintain things and hopefully improve them as time goes on. One thing that is easy to improve upon is to drink more water each day. I can manage that without too much trouble.
The middle of the day has arrived. I have conducted my weekly meeting via conference call and now the rest of the afternoon will be quiet until I take Hal to his doctor appointment.

After I took Hal to his appointment, we had to go to multiple CVS locations until we found one that had the antibiotics he needed (finally) available. Even with that, filling his prescription took several hours and it wasn’t completed until nearly 1900 in the evening. I hope that he will get better quickly like I did.

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