30 June 2016

Dreamers World June 30 2016

Dreamers World June 30 2016
     The afternoon is here at last. Just about 2 1/2 hours until.y vacation kicks off! I am excited and ready for it. I feel so much better today after Hal (person) gave me a professional massage yesterday evening. Although I am still sore from that, it is a good type of sore rather than the awful dull constant pain I had endured for the last week.
     As work ended, I honestly just sat and relished the very concept that I won't go back to work until the 11th of July. This is a new sensation for me because I haven had more than 2 days off in well over a year. The temptation to try and do everything at once is nearly overwhelming. I will pace myself in order to rest and also to enjoy. 
     As for the Nexus 5x and Project Fi, things continue to go very well. I called Project Finwith a question today, and I found their customer service to be excellent. Rather than dialing in and being placed on hold with music and the recorded message telling me how important I supposedly am, I was prompted on the website to leave a description of why I was calling and was given an estimate of 2 minutes for a callback. I was called within a minute. With luck the case for the phone will finally arrive tomorrow and then I can really see how things work away from the apartment and our own wifi connection. Before that happens, I will go to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. I am sure that I will feel much better afterwards and then Hal (person) and I can plan out the rest of our day.  

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June 30, 2016 at 02:53PM
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Dreamer's World June 29 2016 - Google Fi and the Nexus 5X Day One

Dreamer's World June 29 2016 - Google Fi and the Nexus 5X Day One
     I am counting today as the first day with the Nexus 5X on Project Fi. Technically, I got the phone yesterday, but since the case I ordered hasn't arrived yet I'm not taking the phone anywhere yet. Once the case arrives, I will venture out with the Nexus 5x and see how the reception is and how the network provides me with coverage around here.
     I love the phone so far. It is smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus but that adjustment isn't a real issue for me because the iPhone was actually rather clumsy at times due to its size. 
     I am really pleased that the Nexus 5x also works with the iGluco BG meter that I have. I was prepared to switch to another meter since the iGluco, as the name suggests, was originally designed for iOS. But the app is available on the Play Store, and I can continue using this meter. This is just a pleasant addition to the phone so far.
     I have had no issues at all with the phone or the network thus far. According to my account page, I have used a whopping 0.01 GB out of my 3 GB of allotted data for the plan thus far. Of course, I haven't taken the Nexus 5x out of the apartment yet, and won't until I have a case for it, but I can monitor the usage very easily with the app for the phone. If this works as planned, I will pay approximately $55 a month. $50 for the service and $5 for device protection and replacement. Of the $50, $20 is for the calling and texting and messaging with the extra $30 covering 3 GB of data at $10 per GB. If my usage doesn't reach 3 GB, I receive a refund or credit on my next monthly bill. If the usage doesn't reach 3 GB I can always reduce the amount of data that I want as well since wifi data usage does NOT count against that limit. If this works out and I were to leave my current carrier, I would save over $120 a month! The key is to not rush into a decision based on only 1 day. I need more time to see how well this will suit my needs over a month or two before making that decision.

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June 29, 2016 at 01:43PM
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Dreamers World June 29 2016 - Nearly There

Dreamers World June 29 2016 - Nearly There
     As I make my way back from my morning meeting with the client, I am enjoying a glorious summer day. After the storms last night, the skies are clear and blue and it isn't hot and humid, at least not yet. When I get home, I am changing out of the suit and putting on some comfortable clothes to get me through the remainder of the workday. Luckily, this is my early day and I will be off work at 1530. 
     Immediately after work, I am going to my doctor to discuss the results from the lab work that was done last week. I don't expect any problems and then I can return home to rest and relax.  I am still suffering from back spasms today, and I am not sure at times how I will survive until Friday when I have my chiropractor appointment in the morning. I will probably ask Hal if he feels like giving me a massage after my doctor appointment this afternoon. Thankfully, he said that he would. I wasn't sure that he would feel like it after dealing with his own job earlier today.
     The afternoon should be quiet around here and since I leave work early today, I am already trying to relax, but the back spasms are making that nearly impossible. I am getting things all set for tomorrow, my last day of work before vacation because I don't want things piling up on me at the last minute, or while I am away to overwhelm me when I get back.

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June 29, 2016 at 10:04AM
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28 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 28 2016 -The Google Project Fi Nexus 5 x is here!

After a very long day at work, caused by a very long night without sufficient sleep, I am happy to report that the new phone has arrived. It is the Google Nexus 5x running on Project Fi. I had seen enough unboxing videos to understand what I should expect, but I have to be honest, this phone feels great!

The nondescript brown cardboard box that arrived earlier today was about what I expected. Other than the Google return address, there was nothing to indicate what was inside. I took my time and opened the box without ripping things apart by using a knife and buried under a pile of brown packing paper, I found this

The small envelope on the left contained my new Google Project Fi SIM card and the box on the right obviously contains the phone itself, along with the cables and manuals.

Here is the phone itself. I got the 32 GB version. Already I am loving the fingerprint sensor which is the circle located beneath the camera lens in the back.

I will be completing the setup of the phone this evening and trying it out. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of the phone. I had noted that many reviewers complained that the Nexus 5X was rather cheap, I don't see that at all so far. The phone feels great in the hand, and at 5.2" it is more easily handled than the iPhone 6 Plus that I currently use. I have been on-line today several times and according to the Project Fi website and app, I have not used any of my allotted data so far. This is because I have been automatically using wifi. If this pattern holds true, it makes the decision to switch completely over to Project Fi in the future.

Dreamer���s World June 28 2016 - Sleepless Nights and the Things that run through My Mind

Dreamer���s World June 28 2016 - Sleepless Nights and the Things that run through My Mind
     Last night was a difficult one for me. I woke up several times with back spasms and then my BG went low. I was up at 0400 and eventually laid back down, but was never able to get back to sleep. If I didn’t work from home, I would already be calling in today. Since I do work from home, I will manage to get through today.
     A quick bowl of oatmeal helped my BG to recover, but the back spasms didn’t go away, It probably has something to do with laying in a position to accomodate two of The Stooges as I slept. I won’t blame them because I already had to reschedule my chiropractor appointment and I am feeling the strain.
     I will get the workday started in a few minutes. I found out that the Nexus 5x is out for delivery and should be here by this evening. It will give me something to do once it arrives, I am not one of those people who will produce an unboxing video, there are enough of those out there already. I am looking forward to the phone and the Google Project Fi service, which I will run in parallel with my current iPhone and coverage for a few months to determine my next course of action.
     One of the things that I did while I was unable to sleep was reviewing my social media feeds. I found that it was time to streamline things and discard “followers” who never interact with me. Everyone does this for time to time, and it isn’t anything done out of spite or personal offense. Instead I do it because I truly don’t have time to be mixed up with people who no longer bother to communicate or interact. It is simply time to move on and make new friends.
     I am excited to say that the Nexus 5x has finally arrived. Since I am still feeling less than perfect, Hal (person) has gone to the apartment office to pick up the package. I am going to open and activate it this afternoon once work is over with. I always feel like a kid at Xmas when I get a new tech toy!

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June 28, 2016 at 08:31AM
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27 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 27 2016 - Last week before Vacation

Today is the start of the last week before my vacation, which begins on Friday. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I haven't had more than 1 day off in almost a year, and I am truly looking forward to spending time just living for a change rather than working and then trying to assemble a life afterwards. This morning has consisted of my clearing the calendar for Friday and all of next week, and it feels terrific. I made a note to myself to put on my "out-of-office" reply for emails and phone starting Thursday afternoon so I can not worry about people attempting to bother me with things while I am away. I also canceled participation for all of the meetings that take up so much of my time every weekday. Now my focus turns to getting as much done as I can prior to Thursday. I want to leave knowing that everything will be in order while I am away. I will do my best to forget all about work during my time off, and that is how it should be.

I am still awaiting a status update on my Google Nexus 5X from Project Fi. The phone shipped out late Friday and there has been no update from FedEx since then. I can still hold out slight hope that it might arrive today, but the longer this drags on, the less likely that will be. I have some things that I need to do after work, so I would like some official status before then but I doubt that I will get that satisfaction. I am still looking forward to trying out Project Fi and will eventually make up my mind if it would be a real alternative to my current cell service. I plan to enjoy the phone and service as much as possible once it arrives and will most likely post about it multiple times!

In the meantime, I have this week go get through. Tomorrow I will take time to sign up for the company's benefits plan for another year. I am fortunate that the company provides some excellent benefits each and every year. Since the dealine for enrollment will occur while I am on vacation I want to have it all done before Thursday. Tomorrow is the best time for me to spend a few hours going over things as I enroll.

Wednesday I travel to meet with the client in the morning. I want to make sure that everyone understands that I will not be available next week. I will also get the latest updates to the laptop that the client provides to me while I am there. Immediately after work Wednesday, I go back to my doctor to review the results from my blood work that was performed last Wednesday. I don't expect any major problems at this time.

Thursday I will hold my meeting in the morning and let everyone know that the meeting for next week will be canceled. I will spend the afternoon tidying up the loose ends and then officially start my vacation immediately after leaving work Thursday afternoon. With any luck, I can get away a little early that day.

The afternoon meetings are slowly dragging along. My motivation is lacking, but luckily I am not one of the active participants in these meetings. The last meeting of the day is one that I don't mind at all because it is the 1-1 with my supervisor and that always goes well.

I am finally done for today and I just received an email notification that the Necus 5x has arrived at a FedEx distribution center at last. With luck, it will be here tomorrow after all, as was originally promised. I had held out hope that it might arrive today, but those hopes are now officially dashed. It will be a very strong temptation to get the phone and activate it while I am at work tomorrow, but there will be plenty to keep me busy that is already scheduled.

The evening will be a quiet one for us. There are thunderstorms in the area and Hal (person) doesn't want to go out. I can use the rest myself, so dinner will be something that we can make here without too much trouble. It makes me feel good to not have to run out for anything for a change and I probably should just stay home after work more often.

Since I am tired, I plan to take an early shower and perhaps go to bed earlier than normal as well. Here’s to tomorrow, one day closer to vacation and also hopefully the day when my new phone arrives.

Dreamers World June 26 2016

I woke up this morning just before Hal (person) left for work. I was able to wish him a good day before he left, and that meant a lot to both of us. As I sit here and try to plan out my Sunday, I take the time to feel grateful for Hal (person), Hal The Cat, Stevie Nicks and Spartacus. I always take the time to spend with each of them before I venture out.

I am going to Best Buy and perhaps to brunch while I am out. I want to pick up some charging cables for the Nexus 5X that will be arriving by Tuesday since it has the usb-c type connector for charging. There will be one charging cord in the box, but I would like to have a few usb-a to usb-c cables for the apartment and especially for the Beetle. If there is a display model of the phone at Best buy I will probably spend quite a bit of time examining it and wishing that the FedEx package was already here!

I did find the adapter/charging cable that I was looking for and I also had a quick lunch while I was out. I am back at home and will probably be here until Hal (person) gets home from work a little after 1700 or so. We might go for pizza this evening, but I am going to leave the decision up to him. I just had to go downstairs to complain to the neighbor about their loud music. Even though it is the middle of the afternoon, that is no reason why I should have to feel the vibrations coming through the floor. These neighbors have attracted plenty of complaints from other neighbors about the noise as well, and I am surprised that the cops haven't been called out here on them. Perhaps they have, but I have just been to busy to notice.

I cannot wait for Thursday evening to arrive because that will mark the start of my vacation when the day is over with. Right now there are no plans, we will be spontaneous when the time arrives.

25 June 2016

Dreamers World June 25 2016 -Living And Learning

 I have to admit that today has turned into an excellent day. What I feared was going to be a terrible experience as I messed around with various ways to get my blog posts published to different platforms has turned out much better than I expected. 
     I want to send a heartfelt and sincere "Thank You" to those who have responded as I went through this process. I am sincerely grateful to each and every one of you. It brightens my day to know that these words, often repetitive and off-topic, do resonate with others out there. 
     The main thing is that I have learned something new and meaningful for myself. That alone makes this a great day. The reason for attempting this is the strong possibility that I will be switching from an iPhone to Android in the near future. There is a wonderful app called Blogo that I have been using for about a year. Sadly, it isn't available for Android devices yet. The developers have said that the Android version might be released early next year. 
     My reasons for probably switching back to Android after a few years has to do with cost, because iPhones are getting too damned expensive, and customization that I really miss when using the iPhone.  I ordered a Google Nexus 5x yesterday and am going to try out Project Fi from Google. Project Fi is an interesting idea that allows Nexus phones from Google to actually roam on multiple cell networks as well as approved wifi hotspots. The carriers that are participating are T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. 
     Another great prospect is the cost. The pricing options start at $20 and each GB of data afterwards can be purchased in $10 increments. 

One plan, simple pricing, savings made easy

Sign up for our one simple plan

Fi Basics for $20 per month

Our plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month, which includes: unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in 120+ countries.

$10 per GB for data

It's always $10 per GB for data. $10 for 1GB, $20 for 2GB, $30 for 3GB and so on. That's it. With no annual contract required.

Never pay for unused data

It's hard to predict your data usage when it changes month to month. One month you're streaming live sports, the next you're mostly just checking email. At the end of each month, you’ll get your unused data credited in dollars and cents, so you only pay for what you use.

You only pay for what you use—get about 1¢ in credit for each MB of unused data

See how much you'll save

Your current data plan:
2 GB
Your actual usage last month:
1.2 GB
The Fi Basics
2 GB of data
+ $20
Monthly plan cost
Credit for 0.8 GB unused data
- $8
Total actual cost:
+ taxes & fees

Pay one rate for data around the world

In 120+ countries, data usage costs the same $10 per GB as it does in the US (data speed is limited to 256kbps/3G). Check email, get directions, and keep in touch with friends and family when on your trip. Also, call around the world for 20¢ per minute and send unlimited international texts.

Service built around you

Get started with Project Fi today

     While this looks like an outstanding value, I will try it for myself for a while and see how I like it. The cost means that I can continue my current service and not go broke at the same time.

Dreamers World June 25 2016 - Take 2

Dreamers World June 25 2016 - Take 2
     Noticed a slight glitch with Blogger and seeing if removing the apostrophe from the Name will help

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Dreamer���s World June 25 2016 - Learning more about multiple publishing options here

Dreamer���s World June 25 2016 - Learning more about multiple publishing options here
     Like so many writers, I find that I want to get my posts out on several platforms. For me these are WordPress and Blogger. In order to accomplish this, I often experiment with tools that are designed to help me out rather than go through cut-and-paste and formatting struggles. I am trying this post using IFTT, or If This Then That. If this is successful, this post will publish from my Evernote to both my WordPress and Blogger sites without any intervention from me.

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June 25, 2016 at 12:37PM
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Dreamer's World June 24 2016 -Friday Observations and Reflections


Friday is here at last. Sadly, it will last one hour longer at work than normal as I make up the last of the time from my Wednesday medical appointment, but I realized this would be the case. It simply means that I will pace myself differently through the day. Hopefully, Hal (person) and I will do something after work, but there are no plans yet. If we decide to stay home I will simply catch up on writing and rest. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to start this long day. I saw the news about Britain leaving the EU and was especially interested since I have friends who are from Scotland. I don't believe that they are very happy about this. From my perspective, the entire thing resonates with the stink of RWNJ politics just as we face here at home. The fact that a politician who favored remaining in the EU was killed in broad daylight on a street in an English town really emphasizes this. There are times when I fear that we will come to that point here, when people are murdered because they refuse to accept republiKKKan control over their daily lives and national policies. I certainly hope that I am wrong about this, but nothing is certain. On a personal note, I took the plunge this morning and signed up for Project Fi from Google. This is their cell service that relies on a combination of wifi and cellular coverage. I have not canceled my regular cell service, this will be a test of how things work so I can decide later on if I want to stay with my current carrier or drop them and go completely with Project Fi. I will try to keep everyone informed on how this works out for me. I don't expect the new phone and SIM card to arrive until next week.


This is a picture of the Nexus 5x that I purchased. The fact that it is on sale for $150 less than normal is a big reason I took the plunge. Added to the fact that the service is less expensive than regular cell service by a huge margin is another reason I did this. I hope that the new service will euqual or surpass my current service, but the beauty is that I can leave Project Fi without penalty if I am not satisfied and the phone will work with my current carrier which wold provide me with a backup. I had been looking forward to remaining with iPhone for awhile, but the cost are getting out of control just to obtain the device. I have used Android extensively in the past, and it will not be a great shock to me if I leave Apple. When I looked at upgrading my iPhone and discovered that the amount for the downpayment was greater than the cost of the Nexus 5x, my mind was made up. It will be interesting to see how things work out. So far, today has been drama-free and I like it that way. Since it is Friday I don't really expect anymore crises. There are several meetings that I have to attend today in order to bring people up to speed with my research projects, plus the normal meetings during the afternoon. It will still be a lonng time until 1830 rolls around and I will finally be done for the week. Even with the long hours tearing me down, things have gone well. Lunch was leftover pizza (only 1 slice) and now I am preparing for the cycle of meetings that will run for several hours. At least I get paid for this! I have the luxury of working from home and I can get up and walk around during these meetings in order to stay awake and keep my mind focused on the issues at hand. I would really suffer if I had to sit around the table and listen to these meetings every single day. Right now I can watch Hal The Cat as he relaxes


Hal The Cat certainly knows how to relax. He inspires me at the same time he is making me very jealous. Seeing him happy reminds me of how fortunate I am. Life with Hal (person) is excellent, and that is reflected with how well Hal The Cat and Stevie Nicks and Spartacus are doing as well. We all have a very good life here, and I am so happy about that. With all of the hatred and injustice and prejudice in the world, we all need a place to feel safe and loved. I cannot imagine life without each and every one of the Stooges and Hal (person). My meetings are completed for the week and I can try to get things ready for Monday morning before I call it a day here at work. Hal and I did go out to dinner this evening. It has been a while since we ate at London Curry House, so that was our destination. Hal had the butter chicken and I had the Madras chicken curry. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and left the restaurant feeling very full and satisfied. I am looking forward to it.

23 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 23 2016 - Nothing Changes with the media

I just heard that there has been another mass shooting. It happened in Germany at a cinema. Undoubtedly the media will once again lead the charge to hype the event without ever addressing the real problem, and that is the problem with the proliferation of guns around the world.

The republiKKKans will scream that the tragedy in Germany proves that gun control doesn't work because that h is how they are progammed by their masters to respond. The fact that mass shootings occur in the US at an exponentially greater rate than the rest of the world convveniently escapes them every time. I am no expert on German gun laws and policy, but I suspect that they are more rigorous than here in the USA. Again, the main issue is being ignored and that is the problem of guns being available to people who want them in order to do these things, regardless of where they are.

I hate to oversimplify things, but one proposal that can be made is for guns to include a safety feature that is designed to protect innocent lives. If the person holding a gun were required to perform the simple exercise shown below, for example

If anyone holding a gun had to hold a loaded gun in this manner and then pull the trigger before it could fire a second shot, it would certainly eliminate the mass shooting epidemic.

22 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 22 2016 - Recovery Day and Observations

I made it through a rough night. Fasting is never fun when you're diabetic, and last night was no exception. I ended up having to take several glucose tablets in order to keep functioning when I woke up early. Thankfully, that is all behind me now, at least for another 6 months.

I'm glad to report that my doctor was very hall with my condition and my progress. All the daily walking has really helped me out and I do feel better. I had my blood drawn and pissed in the cup, so I will go back to review the test results next Wednesday afternoon.

I came back home and had a life lunch because I didn't want to swing my BG from one extreme to another. I am now sitting in on another of the endless series of meetings that I have to attend. My morning appointment prevented me from going to the client's office this morning so I emailed my report to them yesterday afternoon. Luckily, today is my early day and I am off at 1530 and I am insisting that Hal (person) and I get out of here for awhile.

The afternoon is slowly passing by and I will be very happy to finish here. Hal (person) just got home and we will be going out after I am finished here in just under an hour. I want to go and look at tech goodies today and feel that wonderful sense of temptation as things catch my eye. We will also get something for dinner as well as go to Harris Teeter to stock up on groceries.

Like so many others who follow social media, I am keeping an eye on the proceedings in the US House of Representatives as Democrats are staging a sit-in to protest the lack of action on gun control legislation. This is something that i long overdue. There is no reason that a person can walk into a gun store, or a gun show, and buy a weapon without having a background check performed first. This is especially true of the high-capacity magazine type of weapons that are the favorite of so many of our domestic terrorists. I personally no longer care about the "right" of some lunatic to have more guns than most police departments when we have people being slaughtered because those weapons are too easily available.

I have written about my distrust of the media and their attempts to push the story into pre-contained little narratives that support their corporate masters. Each time we have a mass shooting it turns out to be an American who got their guns legally here in America that is responsible for the shooting. The NRA has blood on their hands because they want to stop any attempts to implement gun control. The republiKKKans have blood on their hands because they willingly vote for the NRA position regardless of what the American people want.

21 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 21 2016

This morning has brought us some relief from the heat. It is cloudy and looks like it might rain or storm at any minute here. It makes a difference here where I work because I normally don't have any lights on in order to enjoy the sunlight through the window next to my desk. Today I am using the lights in the room because it is so dark outside.

There is nothing metaphorical about the gloomy morning. I didn't sleep well, but that isn't related as far as I know. I will have a normal day here at work but then I will have to fast overnight before I go to the doctor in the morning for my semi-annual blood work. This is never a fun time as one can imagine, but it has to be done. I expect good results since my BG has remained within the good range approximately 90%+ of the last 6 months.

I do have a rather important meeting that I am hosting this morning, and I am already prepared for that. With any luck, we will make some real progress on the data quality problems that have plagued the client ever since this project started. Unfortunately, it takes the presentation of real data to show them how their established system often fails when it is incorporated into a real-time system-driven environment. Traditions die hard, and that is always one of the major uphill battles we face. Try as one might, computers and humans will never interpret data in exactly the same way.

The day has gotten darker outside. We just received the first of what will probably be multiple severe thunderstorm watches, and perhaps, warnings before the day is over with. It does limit what we might do after the workday is done, but nothing major was planned anyway since I have to fast beginning late tonight in order to go to my doctor appointment in the morning.

My meeting went very well earlier today, and we are making some great progress, at least until we present our findings to the customer and encounter the usual indecisiveness about moving ahead with the proposed plan. Sadly, we have to abide by whatever the customer decides and make the best of it. We try to educate the customer as best we can, but it would be nice if there were more open communications.

The storms are still approaching. It probably kills us doing anything after work, so we might order a pizza this evening if nothing else. Hopefully, things will not get too bad around here and everyone will stay safe.

It looks like the biggest storms have passed us by with only heavy rain. I didn't notice any hail or severe lightning, at least not right here. In order to keep things simple, we are ordering dinner to be delivered this evening so I can watch the USA v Argentina game and hope that the USA manages to pull off a monumental upset.

16 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 16 2016 - Friday Eve

Friday Eve is here at last! After today there is only Friday left until the weekend. This has been a week that I would truly like to forget, but that would defeat every purpose in Life. The tragedy in Orlando cannot be forgotten. We have a collective memory lapse when it comes to these things and it is destroying us. How many more times must we go through the national hand-wringing, the offering up of pointless and useless "prayers" before we realize that the only people who can ever fix the problem are ourselves?

I watched part of the filibuster in the Senate last night. It gave me some hope, but it did not convince me that things will get better. As I followed the filibuster trend on social media, the trolls were out in full force, resistant to any change that they fear would keep them from humping and sucking on their precious guns. These lunatics value their guns over the lives of those around them, which is ironic because that is often the rationalization they use for having guns, which they claim is to protect themselves.

Hypocrisy is so visible with these lunatics. While they claim to be some type of proto-Christian, their statements demonstrate they can barely comprehend what their supposed religion is supposed to be all about in the first place. I say once again that religion is a part of the problem that people face all over the world. Whether it is ISIS fanatics beheading people who don't agree with them, or republiKKKan RWNJ lunatics deliberately voting against protection from discrimination for LGBT Americans, religion is the root cause of their hatred, everything else is a matter of degree.

I was really stunned when Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin read through a partial list of mass shootings in America. I was floored when she mentioned one that happened 8 years ago in my hometown. Sadly, no one else remembered it because there is always the next one to occupy our attention.






We obviously have some fucked up priorities in this country when lunatics can have guns at the expense of other peoples' lives. My hometown, which I have written so much about, is really a pimple on the ass of the world but it isn't immune to gun violence. That is the real problem, anywhere, anytime, a lunatic with a gun can think they can solve their own fucked-up issues by killing other people and IT HAS TO STOP!

At least I have Hal the Cat to remind me of how precious life really is, and it is this fact that makes me fight so hard to protect it and to support gun control now. Hal the Cat really doesn't understand how a post that started out to praise the upcoming weekend could turn into this. In a way I wish I could be that innocent and naive, but my own conscience won't let me.

While I commend the filibuster, I want to see real results from it and not more speeches followed by inaction. I hope that social media will continue to keep the pressure on politicians in order to counter the toxic influence of NRA money. I also hope that this will remain a key issue in he November elections and that we will finally have some common-sense gun control at last.

In the meantime, I will try to get through today and tomorrow and enjoy the approaching weekend.

Dreamer's World June 15 2016 - My short day is turning into a long one due to lack of sleep

Wednesdays are normally days that I look forward to. I travel to meet with the client in the morning, and due to that, my day starts earlier by 2 hours. Most Wednesdays I am looking forward to the short day, but not today. For whatever reason, I had a terrible time falling asleep last night and I am feeling the effects this afternoon. Even though I have just over an hour left until I can sign off and be done for the day, I am not sure how productive I will be until then.

Exhaustion has hit me like a load of bricks. I could barely stay awake through the conference calls after lunch.

14 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 14 2016 - The Truth Slowly Emerges

I am still disgusted with things today. I just read that the wife of the Orlando shooter had driven him to the Pulse Club on at least one previous occasion and stated that she tried to talk him out of the attack! She should be facing charges as an accomplice to this terrible crime!
It also goes to show that the media has failed us once again. All of the ISIS bullshit red-flag operation was done to cover up the fact that a lunatic could readily get his hands on guns and ammo in order to carry out this massacre.


13 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 13 2016 - Monday Observations

I am still numb this morning after the horror in Orlando this weekend. Words cannot accurately describe my range of emotions right now. I ust got a text from a friend locally who is almost unable to work today after what happened because he is so upset. Unfortunately, I am not the person who is willing to listen because this friend will never move forward. He is the type that will always for his inability to come to grip with life and what goes on.
I hate to sound callous, but after several instances of trying to help this person, it is obvious that I cannot help. The fact that he is a closeted Gay Man just adds to his inability to deal with things, and I have learned that he will never be able to come out to his family or coworkers. Until he can clear that hurdle there is really not much anyone can do. It seems rather cruel after a while to simply reinforce him rather than challenging him to move forward.
With that out of the way, I am going through the motions at work. My research project is moving along, but honestly, I am doing it with my eyes closed because I am so familiar with the subject. Hal (person) has also dealt with the Orlando tragedy in his own way. It is more personal for him becuase he was born and raised in Orlando. He left there many years ago, but he still has friends and family there. So far, he hasn't known of anyone that was involved, let alone injured or killed, st that is a good thing.
I will make my way through the rest of the day and attend the conference calls as required until quitting time. After work, Hal (person) and I will make a trip to Costco and then return home for the rest of the evening.
I am deliberately keeping the TV off today because I am tired of the media endlessly exploiting the Orlando tragedy for ratings while doing absolutely nothing to help address the cause of the tragedy. All of the "discussion" about gun control should just be recorded and played after each mass shooting because there is never any acknowledgment that real change is needed.
With no indications that things will get better, all we can do is to protest things and try to change them for the better. It is only a matter of time until the same discussions are held all over again in response to the next tragedy. As long as there are republiKKKans in government, these tragedies will occur more often because republiKKKans refuse to deal with the issue of gun violence.
We need gun control in the USA and we need it NOW, before the next lunatic goes out and legally buys a gun and attacks innocent people!
I am sick and tired of all the ISIS bullshit as well. Regardless if the lunatic in Orlando followed themn, he bought the guns and ammo LEGALLY here in the US! That is a major problem that no politician wants to address and it infuriates me,

12 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 12 2016 - HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE?

I am sick to the core today. It all started around 0200 this morning. For some reason, I couldn't go to sleep. I decided to occupy my time by starting a blog post on DC Pride and how I missed going. Life has brought other responsibilities to me, and I do what I have to do each day. I was writing about seeing friends if I had gone this weekend. After I wrote for awhile I went to bed.
When I woke up, Hal (person) had already left for work. My iPhone was beeping like a fire alarm as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I grabbed my iPhone and my heart broke when I saw news flashes about 50 people shot and killed in Orlando with more than 50 others hospitalized. It wasn't immediately clear to me that this act of terrorism was directly related to Orlando Pride. I found that out a few minutes later, and the wave of nausea and complete revulsion set in.
I tried to watch the news, but is was soon clear that the expected tone from the corporate media was already set in place. This was going to be used to justify any number of positions except demonstrating that the USA needs effective gun control, and it is needed IMMEDIATELY!
I shut the TV off and went online. I saw the all-too-familiar "please pray" messages from the same liars and con artists who willingly accept money from the rel terrorists in America, the NRA. Prayers don't accomplish shit for things like this. If they were effective we wouldn't have Orlando or Virginia Tech or Columbine or Aurora. We wouldn't have suffered through the tragedy at Sandy Hook where INNOCENT CHILDREN were massacred if prayer did a damn bit of good!
Actually, I gave up on the hopes that anything will ever get done to solve our gun problem after Sandy Hook. It became obvious to me at that point that too many Americans care more about their GODDAMN GUNS than they do about each other. We will see another mass shooting before too long, followed by another and another because too many people don't care. That is why I feel so sick today.

06 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 06 2016 -

Mondays are always rough. I spent the early morning at the client's office in order to get my laptop back after software updates were installed over the weekend. I hope that this will be the end of the computer troubles, but I won't make that pronouncement just yet. Since arriving home and logging on to the laptop, I have received several mandatory reboot notifications. I hope that this does not indicate further problems with the machine, but if it does my options are very limited. I will have to begin asking for help with tasking, rescheduling or canceling meetings, and traveling beck to the client's offices in order to once again attempt to repair the laptop. For that reason alone, I am hoping that things are repaired properly.
If the laptop behaves properly, I can manage to catch up on things that were missed on Friday and also prepare for tomorrow's rounds of meetings. In the meantime, as the laptop goes through the mandatory reboot cycle, I can take a few minutes to write about things on my mind.
First and foremost is the fact that 72 years ago today, brave Americans, British and Canadians stormed the beaches in Normandy on D-Day. I find it worth remembering because today we face the very real prospect of having a modern-day NAZI as our next President. What has happened to this country when this is one of the awful choices that we have for our next leader?
I digress, that question is best left for another time. The fact that I am here today with the freedoms that I have is a direct result of those who gave their lives all those years ago.

04 June 2016

Dreamer’s World June 04 2016 - Exhausted On A Saturday Morning

After a night in which I managed to not get totally wasted at the kitchen liquor cabinet, I was stunned to hear of the passing of Muhammad Ali. Yet another legend gone in 2016. Honestly, this year has been awful in terms of the great people that we have lost.
To make matters worse, around 0300 I woke up with an inspiration about a project I have at work. Naturally, I couldn’t get back to sleep until I got on the computer and wrote it all down. No, it wasn’t an alcohol-induced terrible idea that only seemed great at the time, it is a possible big leap in what we are working on. I will present it to my supervisor next week and see what she thinks about it.
So, this morning I finally wake up for the day and feel awful due to a lack of quality sleep. The weather is overcast, which suits my mood right now. Hal (person) is at work and won’t be home for a few more hours, so I am going to stay home and make lunch for myself and spend time with The Stooges. Normally, I want to get out and do something, but today feels different. Perhaps it is time that I listen to my inner voices and just forget about going anywhere for today.
At least my BG is well within the normal range this morning, so that is one less thing to concern me. I have to admit that I am pleased with my progress on controlling this. Now, I want to make more progress on losing some weight and getting into better shape. As with all grand goals, this will take some time to accomplish and trying to rush the results will get me nowhere very quickly.

As I sit here, waiting for more inspiration to strike and wondering if a nap will happen first, I realize how lucky I truly am.

As sad as news like the death of Muhammad Ali can make me feel, as depressed as a day of work wasted like yesterday can seem to me, I am still here. I am still writing. I am still surrounded by The Stooges and their unconditional love.

03 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 03 2016 -After A Day Like Today, I Need A Drink


I started today with a sense of foreboding. It was a bleeder from yesterday, when my laptop that was issued to me by the client. Every week, I take it to their location when I attend our weekly meeting. Wednesday was no exception and from all the signs, the required system updates had installed properly. Yesterday when I logged onto the machine from home, it failed miserably. I called the client’s IT department and we troubleshot the issue for hours without success. I was told that I needed to bring it back to the client’s office and connect it physically to the network in order to resolve the problem.
With that in mind, I got up this morning and went to the client’s office. I knew that I was losing valuable time that needed to be spent on other issues, but I rationalized that the updates were important (and they are) and that it wouldn’t take more than 2 hours. At the end of 8 hours at the location today, I gave up and returned home. I left the laptop with the client’s IT people so it could be connected to the network over the weekend in the hope that things would FINALLY be corrected.
I got almost nothing done today other than dialing in to meetings where I had to address the situation and let people know that my company tasks were on hold until the laptop issue was resolved. I cannot connect to all the company resources while I am at the client’s location due to client security policy. This also explains why I work remotely.
Now I face the unpleasant prospect of going back to the client’s office on Monday in the hope that the laptop will have finally updated correctly. I have to say that I am NOT confident about this. In the meantime, work will continue to pile up from the company and I will have to make arrangements to cover that starting Monday as well.
Honestly, as I sit here writing this, the cabinet where the adult beverages are stored is actually screaming at me. I predict that before the end of this evening that I will go and explore to see what all the fuss is about, in other words, I fully expect to be completely trashed by bedtime.
I certainly hope that the weekend will be pleasant. After a day like today, and the prospect of another day like this on Monday, I deserve a good weekend.

01 June 2016

Dreamer's World June 01 2016 - Another Month Gone By

I just updated the calendar today and found myself wondering where time has gone. Here we are, nearing the halfway point in 2016 and it seems like this year is flying past.
I know that time isn't static, as The Doctor stated, it is more of a "Timey-Wimey Thing". Our perception of time is based on how we feel about our lives at any given time. When things are going well, time seems to move quickly and we are left with a feeling that those times never seem to last. Conversely, when things are not going well, time seems to drag on indefinitely with no signs of ever passing.
I have been through both of those scenarios. In fact I spent many years feeling that time was not moving at all as I struggled with financial problems. It wasn't until after I had things under control and was able to really see progress that time seemed to start moving again.
It was during that time that I mastered the art of perspective. I began to look at my situation at the beginning of each month. I had up-to-date spreadsheets and plans that were supposed to document my progress as I recovered financially. I found that goals were not always met, but I was able to see a real trend that things were getting better. Even then, it took many months to really see things getting better. The main point is that I took charge of the things that were bothering me when I was in trouble and was able to overcome those obstacles.
Obviously, two things that are clearly tied to that negative perception of time are depression and anxiety. This is extremely dangerous because those feelings lead to paralysis and a lack of action. They are so emotionally exhausting and physically damaging that we grow tired of the struggle. I learned through experience that nothing changes until I decided that I would change it.
Now that things are much better, time seems to pass much more quickly. The depression and anxiety are no longer present as they were in the past. I know now that when those feelings do start to grow that it is time for me to attack again against whatever is bothering me.
Obviously, I prefer the feeling that time is flying by rather than the alternative. I feel for those who are in the opposite situation, and I hope that this post can go some small way towards helping them realize that there is a way out. We can overcome anything if we put our minds to it, but it will often be painful and never instantaneous.

Dreamer's World May 31 2016

Today is the day that I return to work after the 3-day weekend. As always, I feel that somehow, the long weekend wasn't really that long at all. The fact that meetings are piled on top of each other today just amplifies the feeling.
Hal The Cat has his own way of dealing with my issue of going back to work this morning.

I wish I could spend my days like that.

Stevie Nicks showed up for her picture while Hal the Cat was on a break to eat. Hal the Cat returned and is back to normal.
After the day at work, I want to complete my 16k steps, get to the pharmacy and grocery store, and also get some practice time in on the guitar this evening. It will keep me busy to say the least, but I will always fondly remember how Hal the Cat spent his day, and how he kept me company.