Dreamers World June 26 2016

I woke up this morning just before Hal (person) left for work. I was able to wish him a good day before he left, and that meant a lot to both of us. As I sit here and try to plan out my Sunday, I take the time to feel grateful for Hal (person), Hal The Cat, Stevie Nicks and Spartacus. I always take the time to spend with each of them before I venture out.

I am going to Best Buy and perhaps to brunch while I am out. I want to pick up some charging cables for the Nexus 5X that will be arriving by Tuesday since it has the usb-c type connector for charging. There will be one charging cord in the box, but I would like to have a few usb-a to usb-c cables for the apartment and especially for the Beetle. If there is a display model of the phone at Best buy I will probably spend quite a bit of time examining it and wishing that the FedEx package was already here!

I did find the adapter/charging cable that I was looking for and I also had a quick lunch while I was out. I am back at home and will probably be here until Hal (person) gets home from work a little after 1700 or so. We might go for pizza this evening, but I am going to leave the decision up to him. I just had to go downstairs to complain to the neighbor about their loud music. Even though it is the middle of the afternoon, that is no reason why I should have to feel the vibrations coming through the floor. These neighbors have attracted plenty of complaints from other neighbors about the noise as well, and I am surprised that the cops haven't been called out here on them. Perhaps they have, but I have just been to busy to notice.

I cannot wait for Thursday evening to arrive because that will mark the start of my vacation when the day is over with. Right now there are no plans, we will be spontaneous when the time arrives.

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