Dreamer's World May 31 2016

Today is the day that I return to work after the 3-day weekend. As always, I feel that somehow, the long weekend wasn't really that long at all. The fact that meetings are piled on top of each other today just amplifies the feeling.
Hal The Cat has his own way of dealing with my issue of going back to work this morning.

I wish I could spend my days like that.

Stevie Nicks showed up for her picture while Hal the Cat was on a break to eat. Hal the Cat returned and is back to normal.
After the day at work, I want to complete my 16k steps, get to the pharmacy and grocery store, and also get some practice time in on the guitar this evening. It will keep me busy to say the least, but I will always fondly remember how Hal the Cat spent his day, and how he kept me company.

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